Tao Hands Training

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Watch the video about Tao Hands

Prefer to watch the interview with me and Hui-Ling Lin about Tao Hands? Here’s the full recording.

Receive a one-time Tao Hands blessing for one request at 45 minutes into the recording.

About Hui-Ling Lin

Hui Ling Lin is a Leading Teacher and one of three Certified Tao Calligraphy Teachers in the world. She previously served as the Director of Master Sha Tao Center Pacific, and is currently one of three co-coordinators of the Kuan Yin Lineage Holder Training program with Tao Academy.

She is also a Kundalini yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, and studied shamanic healing, Thai massage and Shiatsu. She received her PhD in feminist film theory from the University of British Columbia and is also a passionate animal lover.

You can book a session with Hui-Ling Lin here.

What are Tao Hands?

Tao Hands are a spiritual healing modality. Tao Healing Hands (or we can simplify and say Tao Hands) carries Tao source frequency and vibration, which can transform the frequency and vibration of the recipient’s soul, heart, mind, and body. They can transform and bless every aspect of life—including health, relationships, finances, business, soul journey (or life purpose), and more.

In this context, “Tao” means Source and isn’t part of Taoism, so you can also think of this as Source Light Hands.

Dr. and Master Sha, the creator of Tao Hands, always says, if you want to know if the pear is sweet, taste it! So be sure to watch the video so you can experience a Tao Hands blessing from us.

How do Tao Hands work?

Tao Hands blessings do not involve physical touch, are flexible in their application, and can be done virtually or in person. You can receive a Tao Hands healing or learn to offer Tao Hands for yourself and others; many people like to do both!

Tao Hands practitioners receive a spiritual transmission enabling them to offer Tao Hands healing. It is passed from teacher to student, and in this way, is similar to the attunement ceremony used to become a Reiki practitioner.

How do Tao Hands relate to quantum physics?

Tao Hands can be explained through quantum physics, specifically by understanding more about the vibrational field.

Hui-Ling explains that on the quantum level, everything is a vibrational field extending over space and time. Each of us is a vibrational field. Your home is a vibrational field, a dog is a vibrational field, a pear is a vibrational field, etc.

Our vibrational field explains every aspect of our lives. In order to have a good life, we need to have good vibes. The key to healing is to heal on the quantum level by transforming our vibrational field.

What is a Vibrational Field?

So how do we transform our vibrational field?

Our vibrational field contains three things: information, energy, and matter.

Information gives shape and form to things. For example, the blueprint of a house determines the shape and function of the house. The data in your bank account determines how much money you can withdraw.

Energy is what moves and changes matter. A person needs energy to lift weights and to run or jump. Another example of energy is the way the heat energy can lift up the cover of a tea kettle.

Matter is everything we observe and experience: for example, a body, a tree, or a river. We can smell a flower or taste a pear. In other words, matter is what we experience with our sense organs—what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Information is the key—it’s the boss. It determines the root cause because it determines the energy and matter.  Positive information brings good health, harmonious relationships, and success.

Why do you need Tao Hands?

When you receive and activate Tao Hands, you have the ability to connect to Tao Source frequency and vibration, and through this you can transform your vibrational field. In this way, this kind of quantum healing enables you to transform sickness, difficulties, and challenges.

As you know, throughout each day we receive a lot of information and not all of it is positive. Additionally, some of the information we receive through our parents and our ancestors may not be positive information.

By changing the messages you give and receive through what you see, hear, speak, think, and do, you can change your life in powerful ways.

To change your life, you need to change the information in your vibrational field. People ask how to give off a good vibe and Tao Hands is one way you can do this!

This is why after people receive a Tao Hands blessing they often notice feeling lighter, happier, or a reduction in pain. Again, be sure to watch the video to receive a Tao Hands blessing and see what you notice.

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What kinds of issues can Tao Hands help with?

Tao Hands can help with any aspect of life including:

  • Health concerns including acute or chronic pain
  • Mental/emotional issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Self-love and confidence
  • Relationship challenges with family, friends, co-workers, or partners
  • Finding true love
  • Job and career matters
  • Financial flourishing
  • Life purpose or spiritual journey

What is the difference between Tao Hands and other kinds of healing?

There are so many different kinds of healing. Western medicine treats the matter or the physical body. Energy healing such as Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and Ayurveda works with life-force energy—ki, qi, or prana, respectively.

When we go to see the doctor, Western medicine can be very helpful for acute conditions, or if you have an accident. Western medicine has made incredible contributions in these areas. Similarly, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and Reiki are wonderful as well, but there’s still a limit in the ability to address the root cause.

Tao Hands is a unique quantum healing field technology that allows us to address the root cause. This allows the healing to happen deeper and faster by going directly to the source of the imbalance—the soul.

What is the difference between Tao Hands and Reiki? Other kinds of healing?

Among many other things, Hui-Ling and I both trained as Reiki Masters. A unique benefit of learning Tao Hands is the protection package you receive. The attunement ceremony to become a Reiki practitioner doesn’t include this, so sometimes we would feel drained when offering Reiki to people.

We want to serve others, but sometimes we can receive their negative information, energy, and matter into our own vibrational field, and this can negatively affect us. Tao Hands training includes a protection package which gives us more confidence so we don’t have to worry as much about being drained or exhausted.

Another special difference is that you receive a spiritual Tao pendulum. Maybe you’ve used a pendulum to get yes or no answers. With Tao Hands you receive a spiritual light transmission for a spiritual pendulum so you can use your body to receive yes/no answers. This will give you more clarity and confidence when you make decisions, especially if your spiritual channels aren’t very open.

For example, maybe a client comes for help with a relationship issue, but sometimes there are different root causes for this relationship issue. You’ll be able to check with your Tao pendulum to see if there is a different root cause–if it’s from work or if it’s from a relationship, etc. so you can get a clearer picture of why the client is suffering with this issue.

Benefits of integrating Tao Hands with other healing modalities

Hui-Ling shares her personal experience of the benefits she noticed when she integrated Tao Hands into other healing arts practices. After Hui-Ling learned Reiki, meditation, Thai massage, kundalini yoga, etc. (all of which she still uses and loves), she still felt something was missing.

When offering these energy healing modalities to friends and clients, she still felt there was something more she could offer to address the root cause. She found the answers she was looking for when she learned about quantum healing field technology, or field healing. Tao Hands helps to heal on the quantum level, addressing the root cause of the negative information.

For example, a client came to her dealing with knee pain. During the consultation she used her open spiritual channels (third eye) along with the Tao pendulum you receive in levels 2 and 3 of Tao Hands training. She checked to find out the root cause of her client’s knee pain.

She discovered the deeper cause of the knee pain was related to negative emotions related to the client’s frustration at work, as well as other negative emotions stored in his hip area, which was related to relationship blockages with his wife.

After 2 or 3 sessions to address these root causes, her client noticed significant results—not only was his knee pain greatly reduced, but his relationship with his wife was better and the work situation also started to transform.

Hui-Ling was so excited to see her client improve in this way. He didn’t want to have knee surgery. He’s very athletic but hadn’t been able to exercise or play sports with his kids. This knee pain negatively impacted him in many different ways, so this pain relief was beneficial in many areas of his life.

Why do people get sick or have challenges in different areas of their lives? What is the root cause of sickness?

It’s fascinating to explore these questions through the lens of quantum healing.

The reason people get sick or have challenges in life are due to negative information, energy, and matter. Another way to put it is that the challenges we experience in different areas of our lives are due to these areas not being in love, peace, and harmony.

If you have a health concern, a relationship issue, or a career challenge, Tao Hands can bring incredible transformation by healing on the information and quantum field level. It treats the root cause–transforming the negative information that causes the challenges.

Experience a Tao Hands blessing

Be sure to watch the video above (time stamp: 45 min.)  so you can experience a one-time five-minute Tao Hands blessing. 

It’s best to pick a physical or mental/emotional issue (relationship challenges can take a little longer to notice effects).

Keep in mind that everyone experiences Tao Hands blessings differently. Some people are more sensitive than others, so while some people may feel a lot, or see different colors, hear a message, or even experience an increase in pain (which is a good sign that things are moving and blockages are being cleared), other people don’t notice much. It’s all good, there’s no right or wrong way to experience this kind of spiritual healing.

To prepare:

  • Close your eyes (this helps you connect inward).
  • Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor, or lie down, one hand on lower abdomen and the other hand placed on the area of the body related to your request.
  • If you’re not sure where to place your hand, or if your request is for a mental or emotional issue, rest it over the heart.
  • If you want more stamina, energy, or vitality, place both hands, one on top of the other, on the lower abdomen.

Notice what you notice—you might feel the healing going to the root cause, and you might even see light in different areas that you didn’t request for healing.

Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Integrate this experience, noticing how you feel—are there any little or bigger physical changes, alleviation or intensification of discomfort or pain, maybe the mind feels a little calmer or quieter…. Continue to notice any changes over the next day or two as things continue to shift.

Feel free to share your experience with us.

What does it feel like to offer a Tao Hands blessing?

While it varies each time, I feel a lot of heart clearing, and I feel more grounded and centered, embodied in my body. Offering the blessing felt very quiet and peaceful, outside time and space.

Hui-Ling also noticed that because we connect to the unlimited field, it feels like no time no space, as we connect to that vacuum and that emptiness.

She has an advanced and open 3rd eye (spiritual eye) and could see the light in her whole body. She could see how the light travels, like a portal connection from this field and this vastness, connecting to this unlimited potential and possibility to everyone’s request.

Many Tao Hands practitioners notice when they offer healing to others they also feel this positive information and love and light flow through them—so they feel better, too. Tao Hands works directly on the soul level—opening the portal for even higher frequencies and positive information to flow through you.

Who is this training for?

This virtual Tao Hands workshop is for you if you:

  • Want to heal and transform physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Feel happier and healthier and more connected to your purpose and potential
  • Desire to bring more loving relationships into your life and the lives of others
  • Are a healing arts professional who wants to enhance your abilities to help your clients and patients ·

Perhaps you have no connection to healing, but feel drawn to it, or you’re interested in reducing your stress and learning a simple and effective way to do self-healing.

Or maybe you’re already immersed in the healing arts as a Reiki Master, or perhaps you’re a massage therapist, acupuncturist, hypnotist, meditation or yoga teacher–Tao Hands can easily be integrated into your existing healing arts practice.

Either way is best!

It’s also wonderful to learn if you’re experiencing chronic health issues to use this as a self healing technique so you can offer yourself a Tao Hands blessing every day for sustained healing.

yin yang balance

Tao Hands for Wellness Practitioners

Both Hui-Ling and I have studied extensively different healing arts modalities including: Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure, Reiki, Thai massage, Polarity therapy, Hypnosis, EFT, Craniosacral therapy, Shamanism, Essential oils, Astrology, Kundalini yoga, Past Life Regression, Herbalism, Bach Flower essences, and so much more. We still use these wonderful holistic therapies to great effect in our client work and teaching.

However, most of these modalities work on physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels and don’t usually include the level of information, which is the root cause. Imagine your clients receiving deeper transformation and achieving results more quickly, experiencing breakthroughs they couldn’t imagine were possible.

Tao Hands training is unique in this way. Becoming a Tao Hands practitioner can increase your capacity to serve your clients in a powerful way, making you unique in your field as you integrate Tao Hands with any of the wellness modalities you already use for even more profound healing.

Tao Hands Training

What you’ll discover in this virtual training:

  • Ancient wisdom and easy, powerful, practical techniques for transformation and healing including:
    Law of Shen Qi Jin (information, energy, and matter)
    Law of Yin Yang
    The 5 elements in Chinese medicine
    Soul Language
  • How to offer Tao Hands for self-healing and for others for health, relationships, finances, and more.
  • Creative ways to integrate Tao Hands Healing into your life to support yourself, loved ones, pets, and patients/clients.

Tao Hands is flexible in its applications and you’ll be able to use your Tao Hands for self-healing anytime and anywhere; using it daily is ideal. This healing modality is also excellent if you’re a busy professional or parent.

Advanced Tao Hands Training for Professional Practice:

Once you become a Tao Hands practitioner, advanced Tao Hands training is an option, especially if you’re already in professional practice, or if you’re thinking of a career change in the healing arts.

Book Recommendations:  

The Power of Soul

Divine Healing Hands (This book is used as part of Tao Hands trainings.)

My Healing Story & Experience with Tao Hands

Deborah Flanagan

Both Hui-Ling and I come from professional backgrounds, Hui-Ling as a professor in academia, and I was a Development Director for more than 15 years in the nonprofit sector for various arts organizations including the Paul Taylor Dance Company, the American Symphony Orchestra League, and the Academy of American Poets.

We both have first-hand experience of stress and the demands of a more than full-time job. Additionally, neither of us expected to become healers. I had a long-time habit of pushing myself too much and then getting sick—my body would force me to slow down and rest. Maybe you can relate?

This was usually a temporary pattern, but then I was diagnosed with an incurable thyroid condition and I was forced to reevaluate and make major changes in my life. I had recently started learning Reiki for self-healing but as I continued a two-year Reiki Master training, I slowly started thinking about doing it professionally.

I was able to heal my thyroid condition using Reiki, along with journaling and reflection; diet and lifestyle changes; and other healing arts modalities including Acupuncture, Massage, Polarity therapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Flower essences, and Herbal medicine (many of which I started to learn as well!).

I created my healing arts business, Center for True Health in 2008. In addition to offering Reiki, I later included Reflexology, Hypnosis, and Flower Essences. I liked that each modality offered something special to address all aspects of a person—Reiki to restore your energy; Hypnosis to transform your mind—especially with negative behaviors, mindsets, and habits; and Flower Essences to balance your emotions.

I taught all three levels of Reiki, including training for professional practice (and wrote a book about how to start a healing arts business.) as well as offering Reiki at New York Langone Medical Center for women with disabilities and at Beth Israel’s Hospice program. I especially loved that Reiki was a self-healing technique anyone could use and practice to take care of themselves.

Fast forward 8 years later, one of my beloved mentors told me about Tao Hands training. She has studied too many healing arts modalities to count, and said this was by far the most powerful she’d ever experienced. I felt an instant knowing—yes, I should learn Tao Hands!

Similar to Hui-Ling, in the past I would occasionally see clients who were not getting the results I was hoping for. As I started integrating Tao Hands into my wellness practice, I noticed a big difference.

Tao Hands gives me the flexibility to include it in a session when more support is needed to help clients transform a particular issue.

Tao Hands Sessions & Practitioner Reviews


I did a Tao Hands session with Deborah. I’ve done Reiki a couple of times with others before but never felt a huge difference. This was different. Afterwards, I felt relaxed – it was clear that the session truly worked although it wasn’t done in person, which I was a little nervous about at first. It’s been four days since our session, and my chronic neck pain that I’ve had for 10 weeks is significantly better – in a way my chiropractor couldn’t help. I’m really glad I made the investment in my healing session.  –C.A.

When the Tao Hands session started I felt a great deal of energy. Then it slowed down. And my knee started hurting. A few minutes later my knee felt really good. The concentration of energy was in my upper body, my solar plexus, and my heart. It was like a dose of vitamins. I definitely felt strong energy and a feeling of hope. It was a good session. –M.R.

I have had Tao Hands sessions with Deborah which were very powerful. I felt shifts in my body and energy after the sessions. The most recent distance session I had was very deep and even nicer because I could rest on my bed after the session! Thank you! –Y.R.

offering healing energy

From Tao Hands Practitioners:

I offered a Tao Hands blessing to a client for confidence. During the Tao Hands blessing he reported that he saw God protecting him during several very traumatic episodes in his past and received a message: I want you to love yourself as much as I love you. Wow, this was so powerful and I’m so grateful to be able to incorporate Tao Hands into my wellness practice. –L.F.

I noticed a huge difference using my Tao Hands for self-blessings in many areas of my life, including with my meditation and spiritual practice. I have also heard positive feedback from loved ones—they comment that they feel calm and grounded. I offered Tao Hands blessings to a friend dealing with anxiety and depression, he says he always feel better afterwards and notices feeling more peaceful. –J.S.

Tao Hands for me is like a spiritual lifehack, which helps me in many aspects of my life. For example, I used Tao Hands to improve my relationship with my beloved relative and it worked! I highly recommend Tao Hands training.

Last week, I had a dental surgery and in the middle of the surgery I start experiencing nausea and other side effects. The doctor had to stop and told me if it didn’t return to normal he would not be able to continue. I turned on my Tao Hands to help myself and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my thinking about my surgery drastically changed: I suddenly became very interested in the surgery on a mental level. This was very surprising, since I never felt like this before. I also realized that my nausea was gone. When doctor came back he was also surprised with my transformation, and that I didn’t need any more anesthesia shots. Hui-Ling and Deborah provided a very supportive environment for me to learn Tao Hands and I highly recommend. –E.G.


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