Free Weekly Meditation
Ground and center yourself, quiet your thoughts and steady your mind and heart.

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Free Weekly Virtual 15-Minute Meditation: Weng Ar Hong

Weng Ar Hong

Weng Ar Hong is an ancient Tibetan chant, known as the “Mother of all mantras.”

The Power of Mantra:

“A mantra is a special sound and a special message that carries power for healing, blessing, and life transformation. There are many renowned ancient mantras, including Weng Ar Hong.”
–Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

This self-healing meditation helps you:

  • Ground and center yourself
  • Quiet your thoughts and steady your mind
  • Open and calm your heart
  • Build a strong foundation

How It Works:

  • It’s a wonderful practice for any health condition to unblock the qi in the body or to prevent illness.
  • Vibrate the 3 major areas in the body, balancing the cells and organs so the qi or energy can flow. (These 3 energy centers in the body are key in Chinese medicine, as well as in many martial arts practices.)
  • The effects of any meditation practice are amplified when we do it in a group setting, as it creates a powerful field.


Here Are the Simple Instructions:

Refer to the image above to help you visualize.

  • Weng: visualize red light vibrating in the head
  • Ar: visualize white light vibrating the heart and chest
  • Hong: visualize blue light vibrating the lower abdomen


  • Ideally, the practice is done standing but sit if you need to.
  • We’ll do it for 15 minutes (you can do it for 5 minutes or up to 2 hours.)
  • The left hand cups under the abdomen, palm facing up, not touching.
  • The right hand faces up at the level of the diaphragm, also not touching (face the palm down if you have cancer, high blood pressure, or are prone to migraines).
  • These hand positions help direct the flow of energy in the body.
  • Imagine or feel the connection to Heaven and Earth.


Thursdays, 10-10:15pm ET

To Join the Call:

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Connection Test:

Don’t worry if you’re feeling shy–no one will see or hear you–you’ll only hear my voice guiding you.

Feel free to invite others to join us!

Additional Daily Online Meditation: The Great Compassion Mantra

An additional opportunity: You can be in the field and chant or listen to the Great Compassion Mantra, the Da Bei Zhou, as part of this free daily meditation at 7:30am ET on Zoom.

I help lead it and join every day.


Reach out to me with any questions about these free meditation practice sessions. I look forward to connecting with you.

The weekly virtual meditation has helped me calm down and be more focused. After we practice, I immediately feel lighter and less frenetic. It’s a combination of your incredible energy and the meditation that makes the session such a wonderful healing time.

Over the last year and pre-pandemic, I have definitely been engulfed in a cycle of avoidance, anxiety, and zero attention span. So, the weekly meditation is slowly putting a kink to that cycle and helping with me find balance spiritually and in daily life.


At some point early in the pandemic, when I was feeling particularly stressed and considering ways to heal and stay grounded besides therapy, I saw the note about your weekly meditations and started joining!

The sessions feel like such a safe space and have been super helpful in helping me stay grounded and manage a lot of negative emotions as I’ve been adjusting to the fact that this pandemic, working from home and all its implications, are here to stay for a long time.


I really love the short meditation sessions. The current practice is very beneficial to me.

I usually sit for many hours due to my work and don’t do enough physical activities, and this is why my brain shuts down from time to time and then I can’t work anymore. I have to go to a park and walk for a couple of hours to come back to normal. However, I discovered during our meditations that the Weng Ar Hong practice could be a quick fix for my brain to function effectively and efficiently. Thank you.

Eugene G.

This mantra, Weng Ar Hong, is so powerful. I feel grounded and relaxed after only 15 minutes of meditation and chanting. Thank you. –J.S.

The experience is stress relieving.

This meditation makes me feel very comfortable, especially with all the fear in today’s world.


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