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Heal & transform the soul
What are Soul Healing Recordings?

Soul Healing Recordings include Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, and Distance Reiki for the most common client-requested issues. This library of recordings is also a powerful resource to help you prolong and reinforce the effects of your one-on-one sessions.

The Alchemy of Anger: Harnessing Your Inner Fire

This recording will help you transform frustration & anger so you can strengthen emotional resilience, cultivate harmonious relationships, and feel more empowered.

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Unlock Your Voice: Expressing Your Authentic Self

This recording is for you to express your authentic, true self, communicating with more confidence & ease.

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Power Full: Magnifying Your Gifts

This Soul Healing Hypnosis Recording is for you to feel more empowered to confidently share your gifts, talents, and abilities with the world.

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Peace of Mind: Changing Your Mind for the Better

This recording is for you to cultivate peace of mind, helping you release overthinking so you can feel focused, calm, and clear.

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Making Magic: Manifesting All of Who You Are

This recording is for you to help you manifest what you want in your life so you can be more fully aligned with all of who you are.

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Gain Clarity: Aligning With Your Vision

This recording is for you if you want to feel aligned and connected with your own inner wisdom.

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Nourish Yourself: Nurture What You Need

This recording is for you if you want to feel more balanced and connected to what truly nourishes you.

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Be Bright: Shine & Align With Your True Self

This recording is for you if you want to align with who you are at the deepest level so you can connect with your gifts & abilities and be the best version of yourself.

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Cultivate Self-Love & a Compassionate Heart

This recording is for you if you want to cultivate more self-love so you can better fulfill your purpose, align with your soul’s wisdom, and feel more energized and revitalized to move forward in your life.

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Get Creative: Manifest More Joy

This recording is for you if you want to feel more inspired and creative. You’ll co-create with your own soul’s wisdom to manifest more joy in your life.

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Courage to Be Confident: Be More of All of Who You Are

This recording is for you if you want to be and feel more confident. You’ll connect to your authentic self with courage to be more of all of who you are.

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Anxiety Relief: Embody Peace

This recording is for you if you experience anxiety and want to release stress. Restore and nourish yourself so you can embody more peace.

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Finding True Love: Transform Relationships

This recording is for you if you’re looking for love, have other relationships to transform, or want to focus on self-love.

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Planting the Seeds: Nourishing Your Next Chapter

This recording is for you if you want to start a new chapter, need more confidence and inspiration, have new goals you’re reaching toward, have trouble feeling motivated or focused.

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Soul Time Management: Being in the Flow of Your Life

If you suffer from stress, overwhelm, an endless “to do” list, or have trouble balancing work & your personal life, this recording will help you cultivate the flow state so you can move through tasks, meetings, and projects with ease, or connect heart-to-heart with loved ones in a deeply present way.

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Finding Forgiveness: Starting with Yourself

This recording will help you find freedom through forgiveness (starting with yourself). We’ll cultivate compassion for ourselves and others as we release the past and confidently move forward with a greater sense of freedom and inner peace.

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Rock-Solid Resilient: Get Comfortable with Uncertainty

This recording is for you if you worry or suffer from anxiety, have a high level of stress in your life, feel anxious about the future or about big decisions and changes. You’ll build rock-solid resilience so that you are unshakeable when you encounter challenges or stress.

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Trust Yourself: Tapping Into Your Inner Guidance & Wisdom

This recording is for you if you often feel indecisive, overanalyze major or minor decisions, compare yourself to others, or feel disconnected from your intuition. You’ll focus on trusting yourself and strengthening the connection to your intuition and inner wisdom to make the best decisions as you move forward.

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Letting Go: Embrace the Present & Soulfully Step into Possibility

This recording is for you if you feel anxious about the future, or depressed or stuck in the past with feelings of regret, guilt, or nostalgia. We’ll focus on letting go of what no longer serves you to create space to connect with your soul’s guidance and move forward with hope and possibility.

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Cultivating Gentleness: Heal the Inner Critic & Strengthen Intuition

This recording is for you if you are hard on yourself, experience self-doubt & judgment, deal with issues of confidence or imposter syndrome, have an inner critic that gets in the way of peak performance, or suffer from anxiety or depression. You’ll amplify and strengthen your intuition and cultivate self-love, confidently stepping into the next chapter of your life.

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Thank you so much for these recordings-—I was able to reset after a really stressful week and slept much better afterward. It was also easier to get up the next morning. I feel more centered.

My intention was to feel more ease around the stressful things going on at work. I can’t change the situation but I can change how I respond and feel about these situations. I’m very much looking forward to getting additional recordings!


I move into a restorative state during these Soul Healing Recordings and am able to reprogram my limiting beliefs and patterns.

The Soul Healing Recording is just what I needed. I use the playback frequently and it feels so powerful. Thank you so much!


The Soul Healing Recording was glorious. Can’t wait to add this to my spiritual toolbox.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful offering.


The Soul Healing Event was really wonderful. I felt so relaxed afterward, and got the first solid night sleep I’ve had in over a year. I am just amazed at how different I feel—so much more centered.

I have never done anything Reiki-related before. The experience gently brought up some emotions that I needed to release. I felt emotionally drained the next day, and the day after that I felt much lighter with great energy.


The Soul Healing Recording was so powerful and lovely. I saw a lot during the hypnosis/meditation and have much to reflect on.

I was inspired to get up and dance and integrate everything. Thank you!


I loved being a part of Deborah’s Soul Healing Event. The questions she asked allowed me to identify areas where I need to challenge some limiting beliefs, and overall, I left feeling lighter and more relaxed.

Deborah has such a calming presence and creates the perfect atmosphere for self-reflection. I look forward to being a part of future events.


I loved the Virtual Soul Healing! This was a completely new experience for me. You have the most soothing voice; it was so relaxing.

I really liked the physical movement at the beginning to get into my body and out of my head. And as someone who’s constantly having Zoom meetings for work I liked the freedom to relax by having my camera off with no pressure to be on video. This was an economical self-care option and yet it somehow felt very personalized even though it was in a group setting. Thanks so much, I can’t wait for the next one!


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Burned out by an all-consuming job, Deborah Flanagan found balance and peace through the healing arts — and now she's helping others do the same.

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