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Deborah’s intuitive discoveries and responses are spot-on. There is really a soul-restoring quality to her sessions, and doing it virtually has a startlingly deep effect.

I have checked in with Deborah over the years, and the experience is always one of profound healing, but also I take away a sense of how to continue to find relief as I move forward. She makes the sessions fun, and her never-judgmental personality and ease is such a comfort. I especially like that she knows how to have a client rest in whatever place she or he happens to be, rather than talk someone toward a “better” attitude. Highly recommend.

Katherine V.

One of the most incredible experiences – Deborah has had such a profound impact on my well being – I’d recommend her to anyone. I went to Deborah for a specific phobia that was embarrassingly prohibiting me from certain things in life. With her help, not only am I over my phobia, but she also helped me with a much smaller fear of flying.

The other wonderful side effect from my visits is that I feel generally relaxed and calm – I haven’t experienced the feelings of anxiety or stress in the same way since seeing her. I cannot recommend her enough!


I am eternally indebted to, and grateful for, Deborah. After an incredible challenging life experience, I struggled with recurring intrusive images and sought an additional modality to accompany traditional talk therapy. Deborah was perceptive, generous, dynamic, and unfailingly kind. I gained so much from our work together, and hope many others do too!

Thank you for your insight and wisdom, as always! You are such an angel, and I am so grateful for our work together.


I just wanted to say that my daughter LOVES you and feels she has received more out of her one session with you than with all her other therapy and other “stuff” combined – she can’t stop talking about you and that you actually LISTENED to her. I think her optimism and immediate connection to you are going to help her so much in having a successful outcome.

She is doing the EFT and loves that you didn’t force breathing exercises on her – she never has done “at home exercises” from therapists and she is totally doing this one. WOW! Thanks so much!


I’m feeling more aligned, peaceful, and happier than I’ve been in months. After every session I feel stronger, have better boundaries, and am able to communicate in effective ways. I have more clarity and compassion while cultivating self-respect and self-love.

We do virtual sessions via Zoom and they are extremely powerful. I love being able to process our work together in the comfort of my own home.


I’ve had multiple virtual hypnosis sessions with Deborah and they have been potent and powerful. I easily relaxed into them.

As well, I have had separate Reiki / Tao Hands sessions and I felt shifts in my body and energy after the sessions. Deborah is very attentive and calming, and gives so much helpful information as well as different flower essences to work with. The most recent distance hypnosis session I had was very deep and even nicer because I could rest on my bed after the session!

Yaz Q.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one personalized support, or soul-inspired events and recordings around popular topics, Distance Reiki, Tao Healing Hands, online Hypnosis, and Bach flower essences intersect in many ways, and each offers a unique entry point.

Remote Reiki offers a wonderful way to connect and restore your spirit through energy healing. Tao Hands starts at the powerful level of the soul. Online Hypnosis is particularly effective with issues involving the mind, such as changing negative behaviors, emotions, and habits. Kuan Yin Quantum Healing enables you to receive healing in the quantum field. Bach Flower Essences work remarkably well with balancing emotions.

Some people are drawn to one, while others love to combine them. (The virtual session format lends itself to more easily combining them.) If you’re unsure, try a combination session. Soul Healing Events and Recordings allow you to experience a taste of everything, and offer a resource for ongoing support and/or to prolong the effects of one-on-one sessions. Deborah understands that everyone’s needs are unique, and makes personalized recommendations that will be the most effective for you. Read on for more information about the benefits of each.

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Soul Healing Events

Digital Soul Healing Events center around an intuitively-guided theme, combining Distance Reiki, Hypnosis, & Guided Meditation in a powerful virtual format. Time-honored healing practices converge with modern technology to create this powerful and immersive experience. Taking the best of Deborah’s one-on-one sessions, they offer an affordable way to address common client-requested issues. Bring positive vibes to you and your home. Bonus Soulwork & self care resources help you keep the energy moving.

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Soul Healing Recordings

Soul Healing Recordings offer Distance Reiki, Hypnosis, and Guided Meditation around a range of popular issues helping you balance emotions, change your mind around limiting beliefs and behaviors, relieve stress and support the body, and heal at the soul level.

This library of recordings are also a powerful resource to help you prolong and reinforce the effects of your one-on-one sessions.

Find instant solutions for confidence, clarity, love, resilience, & more.

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Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki reduces stress related to a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional issues. It balances and shifts your energy, activates your innate healing abilities, and connects you to your inner wisdom.

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Online Hypnosis can help you change your mind for the better—to gain clarity, release limiting beliefs and behaviors, access inner resources and wisdom, and pay attention to what’s most important. It can be a powerful tool for stress relief, allowing the mind to quiet and focus. Past Life Regression is one of many Hypnosis techniques.

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Tao Hands

Tao Hands is a unique quantum healing technique which work at the level of the soul to transform any aspect of life including relationships, health issues, career or life purpose, confidence and self-love. Tao Hands directly address the root cause of the imbalance: the soul.

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Kuan Yin Quantum Healing Icon

Kuan Yin Quantum Healing

Embrace the transformative power of Kuan Yin Quantum Healing sessions. These soul-deep treatments access the quantum field, reaching to the root cause to release negative information that may be holding you back.

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Kuan Yin
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Bach Flower Essences

Flower Essences can help gently balance your emotions, alleviating negative feelings such as anxiety, sadness, frustration, impatience, and self-doubt. They are easy to use and apply for yourself.

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