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Posted on January 12, 2016

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I’ve been busy making plans for the year ahead and getting organized. This is my third year using the Create Your Shining Year Workbook & Calendar: it’s a powerful and inspiring tool to help you focus on accomplishing your dreams and goals in a heart-centered way.

This is my #1 planning tool; I don’t know what I did without it.

It’s a workbook. One for you to write in and fill out. (hard copy or e-book, whichever you prefer)

There’s two versions: the LIFE + BUSINESS versions. (I use both.)

Above is a photo of my lovely friend Pam–we met last week to finish filling them out. It’s great to meet with a friend to help you stay accountable; we meet quarterly to check in on our progress and brainstorm future plans.

Create an Amazing Year Workbook

Need help transforming 2016 into an incredible year for your life or biz?

These workbooks/calendars can help you set goals (and have fun) for the year in all areas of your life:

  •     financial
  •     health
  •     relationships
  •     creativity
  •     career
  •     education
  •     family


If you’re an entrepreneur it will help you create an easy, awesome business plan for 2016 including:

  •     income goals
  •     income streams (i.e. products and services)
  •     your business mission statement
  •     marketing goals
  •     staffing goals
  •     customer service goals
  •     social media goals
  •     and a lot more


Only buy the workbooks (for under $10–you can’t beat that) and use them if you want to be:

  •     happier
  •     more abundant
  •     creatively fulfilled
  •     totally on purpose


Sounds good, right? I’ve received so much positive feedback from people who are using it. Check it out.

Here’s to a fabulous 2016!

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