5 Ways Reiki Can Help Your Relationship

Posted on March 13, 2012

Love & Reiki

A lot of my clients have been coming to me recently for help with issues involving relationships: recovering from a break up, wanting to find Mr. or Ms. Right, enhancing an existing relationship, etc.

I’ve discovered both personally and through my clients, numerous ways Reiki can help with love and relationships. In fact, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when I first started practicing Reiki I was able to let some negative dating patterns go (like exclusively dating people who lived in different continents!)

Here are 5 key ways Reiki can help your love life:

1. Have an aha moment.
As I’ve said before, Reiki can help you gain clarity, tap into your intuition, and discover your inner wisdom. I’ve had clients come to me to gain clarity about what they need from a relationship or how to heal and let go of a relationship that no longer serves them. It can also give you big-picture perspective to better assess if your past relationship patterns have served you or if something needs to change.

2. Align what we say we want and what we really want.
You know when there’s something you really want—a healthy relationship, or a specific goal, or a challenge to overcome? And even though it’s a positive thing, you can feel in your body where you hold resistance to it. Maybe because change can be scary, maybe because it stretches you to grow, but from whatever place that this resistance is coming from, Reiki can be very effective at softening and helping you let go of it.

3. Take risks.
Sometimes even though we may say we want a relationship, deep down the risk of getting hurt and rejected is too painful a prospect. Reiki can help you feel comfortable with risk, by softening resistance and allowing you to be open to possibility.

4. Set boundaries.
Reiki helps you set clear boundaries. In relationships, sometimes it’s easy to expect another person to fulfill things for you that they simply can’t or shouldn’t (and vice versa). Reiki helps you gain clarity as you assess what you can and can’t do for someone else.

5. Clear seeing.
Step back and look at the person you’re interested in or involved with, and really see who you’re dealing with. Once you do that, you’ll be able to find a relationship that works—it’s often hard for us to do this because we’re unrealistic and impatient. Reiki provides support and increases self-awareness, so that you aren’t projecting what you want this person to be, instead of seeing with true clarity.

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