Anxiety Is No Shortcut

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Anxiety Relief

Worry is like paying interest on a loan you might not get.

Anxiety is putting fear of failure into the future before it has any basis in reality. Dealing with anxiety is one of the top issues clients come to me for sessions, and I work with them to help break the cycle of anxiety by changing the way they respond to stress.

Deepak Chopra puts it this way:

“Anxiety is like a shortcut. When faced with uncertainty, the normal response is to stop, consider what might happen, and make a decision based on the best prediction you can make. But the anxious person doesn’t go through this process; they jump right towards feeling afraid.”

No one enjoys uncertainty. There is always a tinge of anxiousness when you don’t know what the future holds. But going straight into fear is the worst way to handle the situation because fear is almost never a good advisor. It blocks clear decision-making, and exaggerates the risks and dangers that might lie ahead.

Think about ways you can be more comfortable with uncertainty and let go of suffering in your imagination (the anticipation and dread is probably more painful than dealing with an actual crisis.)

Reiki, Tao Hands & Hypnosis for Anxiety

When clients come to me for sessions to help alleviate their anxiety, I pay extra attention to the solar plexus, which is an area of deep emotion and is sometimes referred to as the “abdominal brain”; the diaphragm, to help calm breathing; and the entire endocrine system, especially the adrenals which are in charge of the fight/flight response. I’ll talk with clients to find out major triggers of anxiety and together we’ll come up with personalized solutions.

A Self-Hypnosis Exercise

If you’re feeling anxious pass a small object (a ball, your keys, etc.) from one hand to another side-to-side, crossing the mid-line of your body. (This involves both sides of your brain, disrupting anxiety which is based only on one side.) It’s so simple and yet, it works.

Your Next Session

For example: Next time you book a session, ask me to show you how to do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): it takes less than 2 minutes and it’s one of the most effective things I’ve found for eliminating anxiety, not to mention other negative emotional states, physical symptoms, and cravings (plus you can do it yourself, anywhere, anytime). I work with clients virtually from around the world and also offer unique Soul Healing Events and Recordings around the most client-requested topics (including one on anxiety relief).

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