Improving Decision Making Skills with Hypnosis

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What Are Common Decision Making Issues

While everyone is different, here are some common issues people experience when making decisions:

  • Second guessing yourself and changing your mind back and forth
  • Asking others their opinion of what you should do
  • Endlessly researching options
  • Feeling stuck or paralyzed
  • Obsessively thinking about possible options
  • Experiencing anxiety and worry about the consequences of your decision

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Why Am I So Indecisive?

People have many different reasons for being indecisive. Some common reasons include:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Negative outcomes from past experiences
  • Overwhelm
  • Fear of failure
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism

Sometimes we are consciously aware of the reasons we are indecisive, but sometimes we aren’t. Hypnotherapy can help us uncover unconscious reasons that have been holding us back, as well as help us change patterns and causes we’re already aware of. (I use Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, and trance interchangeably.)

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What Causes Bad Decision Making?

We often forget a couple of key factors when making decisions.

1.  We think that we can accurately predict the future.

This is faulty, because in reality variables are always changing (including us). I know I can be guilty of future-tripping (trying to live in the future). Can you relate?

2.   We often try making decisions when we’re stressed.

When you’re in a negative state, such as feeling stressed, you’re only using half your brain (the dominant hemisphere). This severely limits your options and negatively impacts your decision making process.

This is huge and why anything that helps us shift out of fight-or-flight, sympathetic nervous system mode, into rest-and-digest, parasympathetic mode can help us improve our decision making skills.

In this way Hypnosis, Tao Hands, and Reiki can each help you make good decisions. Read on for specific  ways each can help you stop being indecisive and 2 techniques you can use right now.

why am I so indecisive?

Hypnosis for Decision Making

So how to improve your decision making skills with Hypnosis?

Hypnosis helps us use both parts of our brain, activating the sub-dominant hemisphere. This helps us access our intuition and creativity, as well as feel relaxed and more connected to ourselves.

How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Hypnosis also helps us reinterpret problems, noticing what is new and different. This is when the Aha moment happens, and we can come up with solutions we never even considered before.

While this is something we cultivate during your Hypnosis sessions, I also show you how to tap into your intuition through Self-Hypnosis tools you can use on your own to quickly relax and connect to your own inner resources, helping you easily make decisions and come up with creative solutions.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is an easy way to pay attention to your own internal resources using a state of focused awareness. If you have ever watched tv, experienced the zone state during running, or used a bedtime story to help a child get to sleep, you’ve experienced a trance state like the techniques used in Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to relax and release stress, so you can more easily cultivate a peaceful inner awareness and access all parts of your brain to solve the problem. So many clients have asked how to stop second guessing yourself and how to trust your intuition; Hypnosis is one my favorite ways to help with these issues.

Discover more about the ways Hypnosis works, what to expect, how to maximize the benefits, and how to avoid the most common misconceptions about Hypnotherapy.

What Should I Expect

Hypnosis for making better decisions is customized for your unique needs. You’ll bring to your sessions real-life examples of where you’ve had trouble making decisions and provide feedback on the ways you want to improve your decision making process.

I’ll show you Self-Hypnosis techniques tailored to your needs and learning style, so you can have techniques to use in daily life whenever you’re making decisions.

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The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself

Here’s a simple, yet game-changing question, from the brilliant Hypnosis trainer John Overdurf. You can ask yourself this question whenever you’re making decisions. (Hypnosis sessions can greatly facilitate this process, but you can do this on your own as well.)

Before you ask this question, do something to get yourself in a relaxed state of mind: maybe closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Bonus: do any kind of meditation to calm your mind and center yourself. (Hypnosis and meditation have many similarities, as well as some key differences.)

Then ask yourself this question:

What’s the smallest next step I need to take involving this decision?

So often we think too big picture, and we become overwhelmed and stressed. I’ve learned to ask myself this question whenever I’m working on a big project (or whenever I have a lot of different things to do) and find it a gamechanger.

It’s such a simple question, and yet it’s a powerful way to retrain your brain and redirect your attention (which is what Hypnosis is all about).

Asking yourself this simple question makes the decision making process much more manageable. It will also give you more up-to-date information to use, because you and the world around you is always changing.

Once you’ve completed this next smallest step, then you can repeat the question, step by step, working toward figuring out what you want to do and improving your decision making skills as you go.

how to trust your intuition

How To Trust Your Intuition

Another key component is how intuition helps in decision making. Again, Hypnosis can be a wonderful way to cultivate your inner awareness and knowing. Both Reiki and Tao Hands are powerful ways to do this as well.

Connecting to the heart is a fast and easy way to tune into your intuition, enabling you to gain clarity around making the decisions that are best for you. For this reason, I almost always focus on the heart in my Distance Reiki and Tao Hands healing sessions.

According to Dr. & Master Sha, the creator of Tao Hands, the heart is the receiver of your soul’s wisdom, so the more open and balanced it is, the more intuitive guidance you’ll be able to receive to help you with any aspect of your life.

Strengthening this connection to your heart can light a fire to guide you, helping you release blocks and move forward transforming your decision making process.

You can read more about how to connect to your heart, the science behind this, and learn a powerful self-healing technique you can use whenever you’re making decisions.

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How Reiki and Tao Hands Help Decision Making

Both Reiki and Tao Hands can help you connect to your inner wisdom and True Self. Reiki helps by clearing energy blocks that keep you from being in the flow of your life (we often feel stuck in a holding pattern when we are indecisive), and Tao Hands helps by addressing the root cause through soul healing.

According to Dr. & Master Sha, “the soul is the boss.”

When your connection to your soul (True Self or Highest Self) is strong, your heart can more easily receive the information from your own soul’s wisdom. Then your mind can interpret it and you can take action to manifest this, using this information to transform your physical world as you make good decisions.

Again, similar to Hypnosis, both Reiki and Tao Hands help you transition out of fight-or-flight mode into parasympathetic, rest-and-digest mode. In this way, using Reiki and Tao Hands can help you trust your intuition and foster good decision making from a place of relaxation.

You can learn how to use Reiki and Tao Hands for self-healing and to help you with decision-making.

How To Know

Here’s another powerful practice from best-selling author Glennon Doyle in her book, Untamed, which she shares when people ask her how to stop being indecisive, or how to tap into your intuition so you can know what’s best for you. Similar to John Overdurf’s next smallest step process, she advises to do one thing at a time and guides you through “How to Know.”

How to Know Process:

  • Moment of Uncertainty arises.
  • Breathe, turn inward, sink.
  • Feel around for the Knowing.
  • Do the next thing it nudges you toward.
  • Let it stand (don’t explain).
  • Repeat forever.
  • And, for the rest of your life: Continue to shorten the gap between the Knowing and the doing.

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First-Hand Feedback

Feeling better for sure. Felt REALLY relieved after my session… I think it was definitely needed. I’m still obsessing a little bit about my relationship but I know I will figure it out. For now, I feel better and am more okay with not knowing what will happen and not being scared of my intuition. –A.J.

Amazing and relaxing experience. Deborah is very on point and positive. Her energy lifts and shifts you. Get ready to focus and feel happy! I made all the decisions I needed to make about whether to move to another country; it has been amazing since my visit. My higher self is awakened! Thank you! –E.K.

I received a Reiki session a couple days ago, and I’m so glad I did. Deborah was kind, accommodating and very communicative about the whole process–very open to any questions I had. She helped me  process a major life decision and I’ve been feeling positive about it ever since. I recommend her 100%. –K.M.

Deborah is amazing! Her balanced healing helped me out of a major creative block and deal with stress. After my first session, I felt totally centered, calm, and open to my own creativity. On follow-up sessions, Deborah continued to give me a lot of personalized attention, helping me listen to my intuition and focus on my goals. She also gave me easy do-it-yourself techniques to use in stressful situations. I highly recommend her! –L.K.

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Flower Essences to Help With Decision Making

Flower essences can gently help balance negative emotions and in this way, can help when you’re having trouble with the decision making process. Find out more about what flower essences are, how they work, details on different ways to take them, and the benefits you’ll notice.

Here are several flower essences that can help you with making decisions and to help you trust your intuition. (I can also make personalized recommendations in your session, just ask.)

  • Cerato for when you’re second guessing yourself, asking everyone else what you should do, instead this will help you trust your intuition.
  • White Chestnut for ruminating about different options.
  • Rescue Remedy for when you’re stressed about making decisions, such as feeling anxious, impatient, and/or obsessing over your choices.
  • Mimulus when you’re worried about the potential consequences of making decisions.

Additional Resources for Good Decision Making

Hypnosis, Reiki, Tao Hands, and Flower Essences can each help you change your mind for the better, readjust your focus to what’s most important, trust your intuition, and move forward in your life with clarity knowing you’re doing what’s best for you.

The key thing to remember is that you can get better at making decisions and trusting your intuition.

Need support? Schedule a virtual session no matter where you live in the world.

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