5 Benefits of Taking a Reiki Class

Posted on September 23, 2012

People often ask me what to expect from learning Reiki and I tell them about 5 major benefits.
These 5 benefits are clearly explained in the Reiki Precepts:

For today only:
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others

The British version? Keep calm and carry on.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have simple, easy-to-use tools to help you feel less fearful and angry, calm, centered, with more love toward yourself and others, no matter what stress you’re dealing with in your daily life?

Reiki Classes

Learning Reiki is an empowering, easy way to take care of yourself.

A unique aspect of Reiki is that it’s very easy to learn and you can practice it on yourself. Once you’ve learned some easy techniques, you’ll have the ability to give yourself a mini-Reiki session every day, contributing to your own healing.

Why is it so easy? You can practice Reiki self-treatment in bed as you’re falling asleep or waking up (basically anywhere) and any time (24/7).

The system of Reiki offers several ways to access the true meaning of the precepts, beyond just understanding them from an intellectual perspective. I love this, because we all learn in different ways, right?

Through hands-on healing, meditation techniques, symbols and mantras and attunements, you’ll be able to move beyond intellectually understanding the precepts and begin to embody and experience the benefits of them without any effort at all.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

I love hearing how Reiki students are doing after they begin studying Reiki–one student is better able to handle the pressure of her intense boss, another has less pain in his back, another student said she now has a life-changing tool to help her deal with family issues, and another feels more connected to her intuition–practicing Reiki can be both a path and a way of healing.

Continuing to practice Reiki self-treatment consistently, every day, over a period of time, is how you really come to understand Reiki, and to reap the greatest benefits.

Ready? Book a Distance Reiki session to receive the direct experience of Reiki.

As Zen master Shunryu Suzuki says:
“When you observe the precepts without trying to observe the precepts, that is the true observation of the precepts.”

Deep, eh? How can you incorporate the precepts mentioned above in your daily life this week?

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