Why do we feel guilty about things that are good for us?

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How to Be Creative

Recently a client came to me to help her overcome procrastination.

She felt like she should be chained to her desk every day being creative. (The image of being chained to your desk doesn’t exactly inspire creativity, does it?)

The day before her session, she went to the park in the middle of the day and felt extremely guilty about it. She didn’t realize it until we started talking, but while she was in the park she came up with a completely new idea to use in her work creating illustrations.

A Different Way of Working: How to Release Guilt

Now, I’m constantly inspired by my clients, but this time I immediately applied that inspiration to my own life. After her session I went to Madison Square Park during a short break between clients.

I felt guilty as well, but this time it gave me pause.

During Hypnosis she had an image of a bee as a symbol. The bee has the freedom to fly around and get sustenance to take back to the hive.

My client realized that like the bee, getting away from her desk actually helps her creativity and increases her work productivity. Because she has her own business she can take advantage of her flexible schedule (plus there’s many times when she’s working on weekends or late at night, well beyond the 9am-5pm hours of a job in an office. No need for guilt!)

And me? Well, a brassy squirrel petted me on the shoulder while I was sitting on a park bench. Maybe he was trying to tell me to relax and enjoy all the beautiful blooming flowers in the park.

I returned to my office with flowers in my hair (I didn’t realize that some little flowers blew in my hair while I was in the park!).  I felt rejuvenated and happy. Having a positive mindset could only have benefited my next client, right?

What’s something you feel guilty about, but if you think about it, you know is good for you? Getting extra sleep, saying no, doing something to care of yourself…. this week, do one thing that you know is good for you and examine any accompanying guilt and let it go.

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