Angry Energy

Posted on April 27, 2012

Do Not Bear Anger

The system of Reiki offers 5 precepts (or rules to live by). The first one is “do not bear anger,” and I’ve recently been exploring this precept in depth.

I think the definition of “bear” is interesting–“to carry in the mind or heart.” The precept isn’t saying don’t get angry, but rather don’t hold on to it or suppress it. Instead of keeping it, feel it and then let it go. Otherwise, you carry it and research suggests anger can contribute to many illnesses (see below).

How Can Reiki, Tao Hands, & Hypnosis Help?

When you’re angry you’re disconnected from yourself and others. Furthermore, if you’re disconnected you aren’t grounded. Reiki is all about facilitating a sense of centering and connection and Tao Hands offers soul healing. And we feed our anger with our thoughts, so using self-hypnosis techniques to let go of angry thoughts is another piece of the puzzle to shift how you feel.

Each promotes relaxation and helps the body balance itself, and this includes the emotions. A session also offers you much needed space to gain clarity and perspective. So if your heart is racing, thoughts are going round and round in your head, and your blood pressure is up because you’re angry and upset about something, getting a session can help.

An Exercise in Anger

Think about some of the reasons you get angry. Instead of suppressing your anger, investigate it. Anger is just energy; think of it as an opportunity to see what lies underneath.

For example, maybe someone isn’t acting the way you want them to, or maybe they’re acting in a way you don’t allow yourself to act. Or maybe getting angry is a defense mechanism, a way to protect yourself. Often the person you’re most angry with is yourself. (For more on this and for anyone who’s dealing with any kind of pain, especially back pain, I highly recommend reading Dr. John Sarno’s MindBody Prescription.)

You can even think of anger as a gift–if you let it, it will take you someplace.

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