Easing into fall and honoring burn-out

Posted on October 11, 2016

Easing into fall and honoring burn-out

I hope you’re doing well as we ease into fall.

I know it’s been a little while since I posted articles on my blog. To be honest, I was feeling burned out writing newsletters, blog posts, and various articles, and felt a sense of obligation, a sense of, “I SHOULD” do this.

Can you relate?

I mention it because as a small business owner (or a regular human being in the modern world), there will always be more that we feel we should be doing. This is especially true if you’re just starting out with your wellness practice.

Now that I’ve taken a little break from writing newsletters and posts, I feel more inspired and refreshed.

Is there something you feel you “should” be doing that you could take a little break from?

Practitioner Tip

Ask your clients to share their experience of receiving your work—it could be a short testimonial or something longer like a guest blog post.

Two of my Reiki students agreed to share their experiences learning Reiki. A first-hand account can be a nice contrast to hearing from you as the practitioner or teacher. Here’s how learning Reiki helped one student deal with a break-up and how it helps another student manage her ego (no easy task!).

Helpful Articles

This article from Mark Tyrrell, hypnotherapist and owner of Uncommon Knowledge, examines how to avoid burnout when dealing with depressed clients. He talks about the importance of self care (one of my favorite topics), as well as how to have healthy boundaries and avoid getting too caught up in the content of the client’s issue rather than focusing on the larger patterns you can help them change.

Reiki practitioner Nathalie Jaspar shares how the Reiki precept “Do not worry” affects her daily life as a freelancer. I also like the example she gives of how to include a few minutes of meditation in the midst of a stressful day. So often we think meditation should be a more formal practice, and I like the flexibility of her approach. This allowed her to get a big picture perspective and go beyond taking the work misunderstanding personally.

Want your own dose of Reiki inspiration? Check out her array of Reiki prints, mugs, and T-shirts… (I bought two prints for my office and am getting many compliments!)

If you’re a healing arts practitioner looking for help with the business aspect of your practice, you can get my book, Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business. It’s also available on Nook!

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