Cortisol & Stress

Posted on August 7, 2012

EFT Reduces Your Stress Hormones

A milestone study in the prestigious and oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, has found that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) significantly reduces levels of cortisol (your major stress hormone). Cortisol regulates a cascade of other biochemicals that affect everything from your digestive system to your musculoskeletal system. The study examined 83 people who received a single session of either talk therapy or EFT, and a third group that just rested. The study found that cortisol declined 24% in the EFT group, compared to 14% in the other two groups. People in the EFT group also had much greater reductions in anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.

You can read more about the study, which will come out in the October issue, here.

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