#1 Secret of a Reiki Master

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How To Be Your Best Self

Ok, I’m about to tell you my #1 secret. The secret to staying healthy, being successful and on top of your game, and in general being your best self.

One of my favorite bodywork teachers, Gary Strauss, first gave me the idea and I’ve been putting it into practice for many years now.

It’s really made a huge difference and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

He posed this question:

What would the world be like if everyone received a weekly wellness session?

Wow, wouldn’t your body just eat that up with a spoon? Taking care of your body before it whispers, or has to yell to get your attention. What would Congress be like right now if each member followed this advice, I wonder?

Now, I grew up thinking that getting a massage (I wasn’t really aware of other kinds of healing arts sessions) was such an indulgence, but now I realize it’s a necessity.

Dealing With Other People’s Energy

I could say it’s an absolute necessity because I see 5 or 6 clients a day, and that’s a lot of energy to work with.

But really, who isn’t dealing with other people’s energy (or “stuff”) all day in one form or another–whether it’s dealing with clients, coworkers, people on the subway during rush hour, family, friends, etc. And just to clarify, I love that my clients trust me enough to share their “stuff,” and I’m truly honored to work with them. It’s important for me to take care of myself so that my energy is strong and clear when I work with you.

The Role of Stress in Your Health

Getting regular sessions can help you be proactive: keeping you from getting run down or sick and helping you manage stress (experts say stress is attributed to 85% of all health challenges). Getting a session can be so effective for reducing stress surrounding a range of issues.

Reiki, Tao Hands, and Hypnosis sessions shift the body out of the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system mode to parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system dominance. A body that’s highly stressed seems to forget how to do this on its own, and getting sessions can assist in resetting and balancing the body.

I’m not saying it needs to be an expensive, time consuming thing.

Try This

While I often get Reiki, Tao Hands, reflexology, Hypnosis, Tao Calligraphy, acupuncture, Thai massage, regular massage, cranial sacral, and polarity sessions (hey, I like to mix it up!), I also come up with less expensive options from time to time.

You could use the sauna at the gym, take a yin yoga or restorative yoga class, give yourself a foot rub (or get a loved one to do it!), write in your journal, listen to hypnosis downloads, do a nice body scrub with some dry brushing, meditate, give yourself Reiki or a Tao Hands blessing if you’ve taken a class…. there are so many ways to take care of our bodies and minds–the list goes on and on.

What are ways you can give yourself a session this week? What’s a realistic goal to start? Once a month? Twice a month?

Book a session if you could use support with general relaxation or a particular challenge. I work with clients all over the world using Distance ReikiVirtual Hypnosis,Tao Hands Soul Healing, as well as Soul Healing Events & Recordings around popular themes and issues.

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