Why It’s Ok If Your Mind Keeps Going During A Session

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The quieter you become, the more you can hear. –Ram Dass

Feeling Stuck In Your Thoughts

Recently, a long-time client was frustrated that she was unable to quiet her mind as much as normal during her session.

She was a little disappointed.

I can relate. Sometimes I felt stuck in my thoughts when I got a session. Things like this would go through my head:

“Why can’t I stop thinking?”

“I just need to will myself to focus on my breath, and go deep into a state of relaxation.”

“I’m still thinking!”

“Argh! Why am I worrying about that work meeting?!”

“I need to pick up groceries on the way home. What do I need to get?”

Maybe this sounds familiar.

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How Quieting the Mind Works

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Often, we have 20 or 30 different trains of thought, or conversations, going on in our mind at once. I came to the realization, that while I felt like I was so busy thinking during my session, I actually quieted my mind from 20 different streams of thought, to 2 or 3.

And I felt much more relaxed as well.

When I shared this experience with my client, she came to a similar realization.

The brain’s job is to troubleshoot and think about anything that might be a potential problem–to protect us and keep us safe. That said, it’s vital to give our mind and body time to rest and reset.

Getting a session, taking a yoga class, meditating, or getting quality sleep are a few ways to do this. What are other ways you can do this on a regular basis?

And one other important point I made to my client: if our mind becomes blank like a sheet of paper, with a complete absence of thought, well, we’d be dead!

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