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Finding Forgiveness: Starting with Yourself

Why offer Virtual Group Soul Healing?

During these extraordinary times, I wanted to offer something special:

  • I’ve taken some of the best elements of my one-on-one sessions to offer a group healing format.
  • The virtual group experience offers an affordable and easy option so more people can benefit no matter where you are in the world.
  • Virtual Group Soul Healing Pop-Ups are centered around an intuitively-guided theme each month. I tune into the energy of the group to get channeled guidance around what will be most beneficial for everyone.
  • Interaction is minimal and completely optional (camera can be on or off).
  • This will also be a healing resource you can listen to again and again as part of your own self-care or meditation practice for ongoing benefits.
  • Healing is amplified when in a group, and this offering will allow us to create a powerful field for self-healing.
  • You’ll be able to create a healing sanctuary in your own home, rather than having to go out to get it. Imagine a beautiful web of light connecting us to each other from wherever we are.

To purchase past recordings, please click here.

What is Virtual Group Soul Healing?

Virtual Group Soul Healing offers a high vibration and frequency to heal and transform blockages on the soul level. Healing at the level of your soul positively affects your heart, mind, and physical body and in this way, can help you transform any aspect of your life. Since we are all interconnected, soul healing goes beyond the limitations of time and physical space and can easily be performed virtually.

What is this month’s Virtual Group Soul Healing theme?

Finding Forgiveness: Starting with Yourself
Wednesday, Oct. 27th
7:30-8:30pm EDT Live session

How do I know if this Virtual Group Healing is right for me?

This event is for you if you:

  • Are a perfectionist or are hard on yourself
  • Have self-esteem or self-love issues
  • Are plagued by your inner critic
  • Hold resentment toward your body
  • Find it hard to let past mistakes or regrets go
  • Have trouble trusting yourself
  • Hold on to grudges
  • Want an affordable self-care option you can listen to again and again

What are the potential benefits of this Group Soul Healing that I might experience & notice?

  • Having more self-love
  • Being more compassionate with yourself & others
  • Release the past so you can step fully into the present
  • Having more confidence
  • Feeling peaceful & calm
  • Feeling lighter with a greater sense of freedom

What will the Virtual Group Soul Healing include?

5 Powerful Soul Healing Tools:

I’ll use 5 Powerful Soul Healing Tools:
Tao Hands, Reiki, Guided Hypnosis/Meditation, Flower Essences, and Self-Healing Techniques

Intention Setting & Focus

Together we’ll co-create a powerful field for what you want the session to support.

A Self-Healing Technique for Rapid Relief

  • I’ll show you a 5-minute self-healing technique.
  • We’ll use it as a warm up to let go of the busyness of the day and drop into a deeper space for healing.
  • It will also be a tool you can listen to and practice with again and again on your own.

Guided Distance Healing & Hypnosis Meditation

  • For the distance healing, I’ll use Tao Hands & Reiki.
  • I’ll also incorporate soul healing hypnosis & guided meditation, focused on the intuitively-guided theme.
  • The theme for the upcoming session will be letting go of the past so you can embrace the present & soulfully step into possibility.
  • Tao Hands is a very high-level form of soul healing:
    –You will receive a one-time blessing for one request.
    –When you listen again and again to the recording you will still receive the beneficial effects of the Reiki healing and hypnosis/meditation.

Ongoing Support

You will receive:

  • A Recording of the full session.
  • Bonus Email Prompts in advance and after the Group Soul Healing, as an additional option to help you amplify and continue the effects of the session. These emails will include journal prompts, self-care suggestions, and soul healing rituals.
  • Flower Essence Recommendations specifically selected for the theme, with the opportunity to purchase a treatment bottle at a discount.

Woman relaxingHow does it work?

We’ll use Zoom for the session and you’ll receive a link when you register.

  • You can have your camera on or off depending on your preference.
  • I’ll mute everyone and we’ll use the chat if you’d like to share your intention.
  • Zoomed out? Don’t worry, you’ll be lying down or sitting back comfortably with your eyes closed for the majority of it. This is NOT your typical Zoom meeting. 😊

When is the Virtual Group Soul Healing?

Finding Forgiveness: Starting with Yourself
Wednesday, Oct. 27th
7:30-8:30pm EDT Live session

Can’t make it live? You can watch the recording later and still receive all the healing benefits, including the one-time Tao Hands blessing for one request.

How can I sign up?

Value: $50

You can sign up here.

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Here’s what people are saying about Virtual Group Soul Healing:

This was really wonderful. I have never done anything Reiki-related before. I felt so relaxed after the group session, and got the first solid night sleep I’ve had in over a year. The session gently brought up some emotions that I needed to release. I felt emotionally drained the next day, and the day after that I felt much lighter with great energy. I am just amazed at how different I feel—so much more centered." — C. P.
Thank you so much for the Group Soul Healing session—I was able to reset after a really stressful week and slept much better after the session. It was also easier to get up the next morning. I feel more centered. My intention for the session was to feel more ease around the stressful things going on at work. I can’t change the situation but I can change how I respond and feel about these situations. I’m very much looking forward to the next group session!" — J.F.
I loved being a part of Deborah’s first soul healing pop-up. Deborah has such a calming presence and creates the perfect atmosphere for self-reflection. The questions she asks allowed me to identify areas where I need to challenge some limiting beliefs, and overall, I left the session feeling lighter and more relaxed. I look forward to being a part of future group soul healings." — N. J.
This was so powerful and lovely. I saw a lot during the hypnosis/meditation and have much to reflect on. I was inspired to get up and dance and integrate everything. Thank you!" — M. R.
I loved the Virtual Group Soul Healing! You have the most soothing voice; it was so relaxing. This was a completely new experience for me–I really liked the physical movement at the beginning to get into my body and out of my head. And as someone who’s constantly having Zoom meetings for work I liked the freedom to relax by having my camera off with no pressure to be on video. This was an economical self-care option (I plan to listen to the recording again and again) and yet it somehow felt very personalized even though it was in a group setting. Thanks so much, I can’t wait for the next one!" — C. B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be on camera? How much do I have to participate?

For this group format, all participants will be in receiving mode. What does this mean?

  • I’ll be leading and guiding you through the session so you only need to listen.
  • Your job is to relax, sitting for the first part and then lying down or leaning back comfortably on a bed, sofa, or comfy chair.
  • No one will see you unless you want to have your camera on, and no one will hear you. We’ll use the chat as an optional way to communicate, and you’ll only hear and see me guiding you throughout the session.
  • Interaction is minimal and completely optional.
    • You can have your camera on or off, depending on your comfort level and preference.
    • You can type your intention for the session in the chat or keep it private—either way is best.

What do you mean by group healing?

I’m taking some of the best elements of my one-on-one sessions to offer a group healing format so it’s more affordable and more people can participate and benefit. Additionally, when we gather together we create a magnified and amplified healing field to elevate everyone in the group.

Similar to an individual session, I will be guiding everyone and you as the participant will be in receiving mode—listening and relaxing (with your camera on or off depending on your comfort level).

Does virtual healing work?

Because we are all interconnected, virtual or distance healing transcends time and physical location, similar to the oneness state that can be accessed during meditation, being in nature, or during peak performance or flow states. You can read more about how Distance Healing works and what you will experience in this Beginner’s Guide to Distance Healing.

How does this differ from one-on-one sessions with you?

While the group healing format isn’t as personalized as a one-on-one session, it can be an affordable self- care option, offering a powerful way to release blocks and move forward.

You can use the group healing pop up as a stand-alone session, use it to reinforce and prolong the one-on-one work we’ve done together in the past, or provide an intro that may lead to one-on-one sessions. We can also build on the work we do in the group setting by personalizing it just for you in an individual session.

How do you select the theme?

The Group Soul Healing is centered around different intuitively-guided themes. I tune into the energy of the group to receive channeled guidance around what will be most beneficial for everyone.

Do you offer customized events?

Yes! Custom Virtual Group Healing events for businesses and teams offer a powerful resource for well-being and self care. Want to find out more? Get in touch: deborah[@]centertruehealth.com

Soul healing is the most powerful way I’ve found to help clients in any aspect of their lives, and I’m excited to offer this group healing format to support you to release blocks and move forward in an expanded way.

Reach out to me with any questions. I’m looking forward to having you join us!


Soul Healing Recordings:

Interested in a particular theme that resonates with you? You can purchase the recording below and still receive all the healing benefits of the live sessions:

Cultivating Gentleness:
Heal the Inner Critic & Strengthen Intuition

This recording is for you if you:

  • Are hard on yourself
  • Experience self-doubt & judgment
  • Deal with issues of confidence or imposter syndrome
  • Have an inner critic that gets in the way of peak performance
  • Suffer from anxiety or depression

What are the potential benefits of this particular soul healing recording that I might experience & notice?

  • Feeling less judgmental and more confident
  • More self-love and compassion
  • Being more balanced in your emotions
  • Responding in an optimal way in challenging situations
  • Increased motivation to move forward with passion and purpose
  • An enhanced ability to connect to your intuition and your own soul’s guidance

You can purchase the recording below and download it to listen to again and again.


The Virtual Group Soul Healing is centered around an intuitively guided theme each month. This will also be a healing resource you can listen to again and again as part of your own self-care or meditation practice. The Group Healing includes:
--Intention Setting & Focus
--A Self-Healing Technique for Rapid Relief
--A Guided Distance Healing & Meditation using Tao Hands, Reiki, & Hypnosis
--Flower Essence Recommendations
--Follow Up Support to Keep the Energy Moving

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