Courage to Be Confident: Be More of All of Who You Are

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The focus of this Soul Healing Recording is to help you if you:

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  • Experience imposter syndrome
  • Feel self-conscious or suffer from social anxiety
  • Have trouble expressing yourself
  • Deal with anxiety when presenting or public speaking
  • Sometimes find it hard to access your authentic self
  • Want an affordable self-care option you can listen to again

Potential Benefits to Look For & Notice:

Feel more:

  • Self-assured & confident
  • Ease in social situations
  • Connected to your best self
  • Assertive when expressing your ideas, thoughts & feelings
  • Poised & calm when presenting or public speaking
  • Courageous in taking risks

Time Stamps for the Recording:

[Time Stamp 14:25: Mini-Movement Exercise Snack]
[Time Stamp 19:42: Body Boundary Technique]
[Time Stamp 29:14: Intention Setting]
[Time Stamp 31:54: Deep Soul Healing]

Bonus Soulwork

Journal Prompt and/or Visualization:

Notice all different kinds of confidence and ways people embody and demonstrate it. You can observe public figures or people you know well or encounter as you’re going about your day.

Pay attention to the qualities you admire and then try them on! You can journal about what you notice and/or close your eyes and imagine stepping into their shoes, seeing through their eyes, feeling what they feel. In this way, you can get a better sense of your preferences and get ideas about how to adapt and make it your own.

Be Inspired:

Need a pep talk? Press 3 for a pep talk from kindergartners.  A new hotline (707-998-8410) gives you options for joy. This is the best thing ever.

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Body Boundary Technique

Ming Men Acupuncture Point
Located directly behind the navel, just in front of the spine, the Ming Men Point (also known as the Soul’s Gate) is the most powerful point in acupuncture. Bring your mind to rest on this point, imagining a golden ball or sphere of light on this point.

Dry Bathing DIY Reiki Technique
This is another grounding technique from the Japanese Shinto tradition and adapted by the system of Reiki. You can use it to help you feel centered.

Flower Essences for Confidence:

Here are some specific flower essence suggestions to support you with our theme:

Larch for confidence
Pine for self-worth, being hard on yourself
Mimulus for specific worries related to a lack of confidence
Rescue Remedy for anxiety or panic, to feel grounded and centered

Here’s an expanded FAQs on how to take flower essences, where to purchase, and more:
Info on Flower Essences

These are all options for integrating the Soul Healing. Pick 1 or 2, there’s no right or wrong way. Have fun!

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Burned out by an all-consuming job, Deborah Flanagan found balance and peace through the healing arts — and now she's helping others do the same.

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