The Best DIY Reflexology Gadgets

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DIY reflexology gadgets

As you may know, I love sharing tools for self care to interrupt stress in my blog and monthly newsletter.

I’ve tried all sorts of reflexology gadgets, and these are my top picks for giving yourself a mini-reflexology session in under 5 minutes.

But first, I’ll cover what is reflexology, how does reflexology work, and what the potential benefits are.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology uses a map of the body transposed on the hands and feet, and by applying pressure to specific points on the hands and feet various parts of the body are affected.

Reflexology is wonderful at relieving stress and helping you feel more grounded.

How does Reflexology work and what are the benefits?

We have 14,000 nerve endings on the hands and the bottoms of our feet, and those nerves connect to the spinal nerves, which connect with the various organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is such an efficient way to reduce stress, promote circulation and help the body relax and balance itself.

The Best DIY Reflexology Gadgets

I use most of these reflexology gadgets first thing when I wake up, as a work break in the middle of the day, and right before bed. If you work from home, this can be a great way to unplug from too much screen time. (Because reflexology is working with the feet, it’s especially grounding, and too much screen time usually equals too much energy in the head.)

Each gadget takes only take a minute or two, yet actually goes a long way in helping your body balance itself. Several clients say their kids love them, too! Some tools you may already have around your home; others you can buy for $5-$25.

Foot Roller

Standing up, (or sitting if the pressure is too much) roll the bottom of the foot on the foot roller. Focus on the bottom arch of the foot–this is the reflex area to support digestion. If you feel crunchiness, tenderness, or tightness, pay extra attention to that area. Also remember that it doesn’t have to hurt to work; you can work the sensitive areas gently and it’s equally effective.

Million-Dollar Golf Ball Technique

I work with many clients with digestive issues, and this is one of my favorite self-help tips: the Million-Dollar Golf Ball Technique created by leading reflexologists Barbara and Kevin Kunz. This technique helps regulate and support your digestion. 

  • Interlock fingers.
  • Roll the ball around the lower area of the palms, or heels of the hands. (You can use a golf ball, or I like the nubby green ball in the photo above, by a company called Foot Rubz, to get even deeper results.)
  • This corresponds to the digestive reflexes for the small and large intestines.
  • You might notice the area feels a little crunchy or bumpy if you have digestive issues.


Pebble Reflexology Foot Mat

I keep this mat in front of my kitchen sink. (My husband actually loves it.) It basically simulates the way our ancestors used to get reflexology naturally thousands of years ago before we started wearing shoes. Any time you walk on uneven surfaces barefoot, you’re stimulating all those nerve endings. I haven’t been able to find this mat online lately, but if you search pebble reflexology foot mat, many options come up (which is prompting me to try some new ones, so stay tuned.)

Bonus: Walk barefoot on a rocky beach. You may need to work up to this one.

Last But Not Least: Dryer Balls

Maybe you’ve seen these, they come in a pair of two and are supposed to replace dryer sheets (see the blue spiky ball in the photo above). I like to stand up for this one. Press each part of the bottom of the foot into the ball: starting with the heel, then the arch, then the ball of the foot, ending at the toes–holding each position for about 10 seconds. You can also roll the foot around on the ball.

If your feet are more sensitive, do these techniques wearing socks and sitting down, and work up to doing them barefoot. And if you have any medical issues with your feet, or diabetes, be sure to check with your doctor or podiatrist.

Bonus: Here’s a short video where I demonstrate 5 additional reflexology tips with Dr. Oz. You can also explore the Reflexology Playlist I created on my YouTube Channel for more self care techniques.

Again, using any of these gadgets or techniques is a great way to interrupt stress, help your body relax, and bring yourself into balance.

Need additional support? I work virtually with clients throughout the world, offering Distance Reiki, Tao Hands, and Virtual Hypnosis sessions.

Book a session to interrupt stress and experience deep relaxation and soul healing.

Want more? Here are 3 DIY reflexology tips for colds and flu. 

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