Elevate & Celebrate: Less Stress More Joy

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Benefits of this Soul Healing Recording:

stressing less and celebrating more with soul healing

This event is for you if you:

  • Experience frequent overwhelm & stress
  • Feel buried under endless tasks
  • Carry tension, especially in your neck & shoulders
  • Find it hard to relax
  • Want to infuse everyday moments with inspiration & wonder
  • Crave a deeper connection to your inner source of joy
  • Seek to recalibrate & realign as the year draws to an end

Time Stamps for the Recording:

[Time Stamp: 9:18 Energy Healing Exercises]
[Time Stamp:  Technique]
[Time Stamp:  23:14 Intention Setting]
[Time Stamp:  21:00 Deep Soul Healing]

Remember you can listen again (and again) to the recording to receive deeper benefits. Like anything else, you get better at Hypnosis with practice. Enjoy!

Bonus Soulwork

Self-Healing Technique:

Ask yourself this question to conquer overwhelm

EFT (Tapping):

EFT for feeling mentally drained

EFT for stress relief

Journal Prompt:


Flower Essences for Stress:

Here are some specific flower essence suggestions to support you with our theme:

Rescue Remedy for stress

Vervain for an overactive mind when you’re trying to sleep or find it hard to turn off work at the end of the day

Olive for feeling physically tired from overwork

Hornbeam for feeling mentally tired from overwork

Elm for feeling overwhelmed by a big job or task

Here’s an expanded FAQs on how to take flower essences, where to purchase, and more:
Info on Flower Essences


These are all options for integrating the Soul Healing. Pick 1 or 2, there’s no right or wrong way. Have fun!

Featured in Oprah Magazine

Burned out by an all-consuming job, Deborah Flanagan found balance and peace through the healing arts — and now she's helping others do the same.

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