You’re a high achieving woman…
but something’s still missing.

If you’re ready to STOP feeling stressed and anxious, and finally move your life forward…

Then watch this video now:


Whether you’re…

  • Still second-guessing yourself, despite all your achievements…
  • Unable to switch “work mode” off when you get home to your “regular life”…
  • Or just want to stop holding yourself back and take your life to the next level…

Become CALMER and more CONFIDENT WITHOUT having to quit your demanding job!

  • Uncover the hidden truths about why you’ve felt stuck up until now
  • Realize and prioritize the #1 thing you need to do to move forward
  • Highlight your hidden gifts so that you can feel empowered

Discover my Soul Power Method so that you continue to strengthen the positive changes long after we’ve met.

“I’m ready for my breakthrough!”

What if becoming CALM & CONFIDENT
is easier than you thought?

One of the biggest problems that high achieving women like you run into…

when you’re struggling with stress and anxiety is that tendency to try and power through it.

Do you find yourself saying:

“I just have to push and get through it.”

You’ve probably noticed that this approach often leads to:

  • Frustration
  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Overwhelm & exhaustion

And you’re probably on this page/seeking help right now because it’s become an even bigger problem in your life.

And that’s because most of your learned/pre-programmed responses to pressure unintentionally reinforce that cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm.

“I’m ready for my breakthrough!”

And you are overwhelmed, aren’t you?

Of course, when you’re feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed it’s that much harder to find clarity when making decisions at work and in the rest of your life.

Which is why the best solution is one that connects you to your inner goddess mindset so that you can tap into a higher source of power…

Whether that’s:

  • A deeply personal sense of spirituality
  • A connection to your ancestors
  • Or a universal energy…

You can access unlimited resources to transform stress so that you can:

  • Take the lead on high-profile projects
  • Attain greater visibility in your career
  • Go after that one goal that you know you’re capable of but you’ve been putting off for far too long

“I’m ready for my breakthrough!”

For any major breakthrough, 2 things need to happen:

When it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety on your own, one of the biggest problems that you’ve probably noticed is that you try to dive directly into the outcome.

If I just force myself to “relax” or just muscle through it, I can get to the other side…

This works in the professional world. Sort of.

That’s why you’ve gotten to where you are in your career.

However, when it comes to those feelings you’ve been experiencing on the inside…

Pretending that everything’s fine just intensifies the negative thoughts and that pressure in your chest, making you feel more stuck.

You never really get to the ROOT of the problem, which keeps it coming back.

You’re doing that from a position of challenge and weakness.

“I’m ready for my breakthrough!”

Step 1

That’s why the first step has to be about accessing the right part of yourself to solve THIS problem.

The reality is that you’ve been holding the key all along.

It’s about magnifying and amplifying your ability to access your unique gifts and abilities…

So that you can make positive changes from that deeper place that feels effortlessly right.

Step 2

The second step is about using your inner gifts to banish the effects of those old negative thoughts, emotions, and past experiences that used to hold you back, so that:

  • You finally feel calm and empowered, no matter what the situation…
  • You trust yourself with that deep knowing that feels effortlessly “right”…
  • You feel confident in every area of your life – not just your career,,,
  • You experience that fulfillment your life has waiting for you…

…which ultimately means you make a greater impact in your career and the rest of your life in those ways you’ve been meaning to do.

“I’m ready for my breakthrough!”

Meet Deborah Flanagan

As a quantum healer & hypnotist with a unique intuitive approach, I’ve helped thousands of women from around the world over the past 15+ years break free and live confidently.

I created my Soul Power Method because I believe that by connecting with your spiritual self, whatever that means to you, you’ll be able to magnify your presence, which ultimately empowers you to make a greater impact as you take your career (& the rest of your life!) to the next level.

The fact that you’re still reading this means that you’re ready to say goodbye to stress and anxiety so that you can stand in the strength of your innate gifts and abilities and navigate your career and personal life with greater clarity and calm confidence. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

“I’m ready for my breakthrough!”

A quick warning…

  • If you’re a woman who hangs on to the story that you can’t possibly have it all…
  • Or if you’re someone who is stuck on the idea that you “don’t have time for self-care…”
  • Or if you’re someone who’s crossing your fingers and hoping I have a magic wand to make all your problems vanish!

This probably isn’t for you…


  • If you’re ready to excel and feel calm and confident in high-pressure situations so that you can perform your best day after day.
  • And you’re ready to overcome the mental maze of self-doubt and overthinking, so that you can confidently make the right decisions with ease.
  • And you’re ready to banish anxiety and overwhelm so that you achieve success and take your career and the rest of your life to the next level.

“Yes, I’m ready for my breakthrough!”