What Are You Carrying?

Posted on January 17, 2019

Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain

Many clients complain of tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulder, and back region. So many of us hold stress in these areas.

woman with neck and shoulder tension

The Zen Master and the Nasty Woman

A Zen master and his student are walking along and arrive at a town which is experiencing a terrible flood. A very irate woman was being nasty to everyone and was berating the people who were trying to carry her across the water. She was going to have to get down and get wet and she was furious about this. The Zen Master walks over, lifts her up, carries her across the water and puts her down on the other side. She doesn’t even thank him and was mad at him for getting the bottom of her robe wet. The student is mortified, he walks next to the Zen Master for two hours in silence and finally says, “Master, I don’t understand why you did that. We’re not even supposed to touch women. This woman didn’t deserve your graciousness. She was so ungrateful.” The master turns to him and says, “I put that woman down two hours ago; why are you still carrying her?”

hand holding heavy backpack

What Are You Still Carrying?

We all carry around things we need to let go of–past injustices, worries we have no control over, anger that goes unexpressed and gets internalized, insecurities and judgments, etc.

Try This

Take 5 minutes to write or think about things you’re carrying around with you that you need to let go of. If you’re not sure where to start, then start with “I don’t want to write about…” You might be surprised at what comes up. It’s often what you’re avoiding and where your unconscious needs you to go. Writing down scary things usually makes them less scary, and it’s definitely less scary than carrying them around in your body.

Alleviate Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain

We carry around stress in our neck, shoulders, back. Our bodies are the expression of habits. They mold themselves around our lifestyles, emotions, and self-images. Our bodies are living patterns, following the lead of our minds and hearts.

The beauty of Reiki, Tao Hands, and hypnosis is that they are all a means of gaining awareness and guidance. In a session we show the body another way to be, how it feels to relax and let go of all those things we carry around that we no longer need. With each session, these changes become more long-lasting, and our awareness grows as to what we need to do to best support ourselves.

Try This

Book a session if you could use support letting go of whatever it is that you’ve been carrying, or with a particular challenge. I work with clients all over the world using Distance Reiki, Virtual Hypnosis, and Tao Hands Soul Healing.

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