5 Easy Tools to Start the New Year

Posted on January 8, 2016

5 Easy Tools to Start the New Year

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and new year. I had a great time visiting my in-laws, as well as hibernating and reading on the couch.

Here are 5 easy tools to start the new year:

1. Try Hypnosis:
World Hypnosis Day was January 4th; it’s an ideal time of year as we think about changes we want to make in 2016. So often we think we need more willpower or discipline to overcome a bad habit, let go of a fear, or make a big life change.

Find out why that’s not true in this article I wrote for MindBodyGreen.com on how hypnosis can help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. (I see clients for sessions, and I also recommend these great hypnosis recordings.)

2. Use the 2016 Create Your Shining Year Workbook & Calendar:
This is my third year of using this fun and focused planning tool, and I’ve found it quite transformative in my life and my business. I have a date with my friend Pam later this week to finish filling it out. I’ve received so much positive feedback from people who are using it. Check it out.

3. Take a Reiki I Class:
If you’re looking for an empowering, easy way to take care of yourself, the next Reiki I class starts Tuesday, January 19 (there are 4 spots left). Read more about what you’ll discover.

4. Create a Gratitude Jar:
This has become an annual tradition. I love reading and remembering all the highlights from throughout the year.

5. Use the 5-Minute Journal:
Feeling grateful once a day has been proven to raise your happiness set point, lower stress and boost immune function. The 5-Minute Journal is an easy way to let go of negative thinking in under 5 minutes, and has become one of my favorite ways to start and end the day. (I love it so much I even bought this for my Mom and sis for Christmas.)

Here’s to a fabulous 2016!

P.S. Want more tools? Here are 3 books to help you find true health and balance.

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