The One Place No One Looks

Posted on May 23, 2012

Recently many of my clients have been coming to me for help with a similar issue.

Whether it’s having trouble making big decisions, feeling like they’ve lost their inner compass, or feeling disconnected from their intuition, many people want support and tools to help them trust themselves more.

The Meaning of Life

Yes, I AM tackling the meaning of life, who knew! This issue of trusting yourself reminded me of a wonderful story.

An ancient Sufi story tells of angels convening at the dawn of time to discuss where to bury the meaning of life, a secret so sacred only the most worthy should be able to access it.

One angel suggested putting it at the bottom of the ocean, another argued it should be buried at the highest peak. Then they asked the wisest angel,  and the angel replied:

There is one place no one will look: we will hide it in the human heart.

Reiki & Hypnosis

As I’ve discussed in the past, the system of Reiki offers five precepts (or rules to live by). The third one is: Be true to your way and your being.

This precept is about trusting your internal guidance and finding your unique way. Reiki helps engage our inner resources, the answers we so often seek already lie within: we don’t need to go outside ourselves. Being true to your way happens when you start trusting yourself.

Similarly, hypnosis offers peaceful inner awareness and the ability to relax deeply enough to recognize and use resources that might otherwise be overlooked. All the hypnosis tools I teach you are ways to empower you so you can take control, helping you shrink your problem and/or build up your resources.

Reiki and hypnosis work particularly well together–connecting your mind and spirit. Over and over again clients discover this during during a session–they feel reconnected to their resources and intuition.

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