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Soul Healing – How to Heal Your Soul

Posted on January 18, 2021

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What is soul healing and what are the benefits? Learn why the soul is so important for healing any issue and how to heal your soul. Here’s what you’ll discover:


What is Soul Healing?

Your soul is the essence and highest aspect of you. Some people also refer to the soul as your spirit. When you receive healing at the level of the soul, this spiritual healing can help clear blockages in your soul, heart, mind, and body in a powerful way.

Spiritual teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha says “the soul is the boss”, so if you “heal the soul first, then the mind and body will follow.” 

This is why soul healing can be so effective and can be applied to any aspect of your life. It addresses soul blockages that can negatively impact your thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets and associated decision-making, actions, and behaviors related to your relationships, career, finances, and health—every aspect of your life. By healing the soul, you are then able to align your soul, heart, mind, and body to move forward in a positive way.

Does Soul Healing Relate to Past Lives, or Reincarnation?

Many spiritual traditions believe in reincarnation, where the soul continues beyond death and comes back again and again into the physical realm. These numerous lifetimes offer the soul growth opportunities to transform negative patterns through different life experiences and challenges. Past life regression is a hypnosis technique used to explore these patterns and lifetimes, and soul healing can be a powerful way to resolve these recurring patterns and positively affect your present life. It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation to receive soul healing.

How does Soul Healing work?

Soul healing offers the highest level of frequency and vibration, and is flexible in its uses and applications. Soul healing helps you expand beyond the limits of personality and ego to access and heal blockages at the soul level. This trickle-down effect positively influences your heart, as well as your mind and body.

Soul healing doesn’t involve physical touch and can be performed in person or virtually. Similar to Distance Reiki, because we are all interconnected, virtual healing transcends time and physical location, similar to the oneness state achieved through meditation.

Soul healing is spiritual healing and has no contraindications and will not interfere with medical treatments.

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What are the Potential Benefits of Soul Healing?

Because this healing works at the level of your soul, in this way, it can offer transformation for any aspect of your life including:

  • Relationships (romantic, family, friends, colleagues, etc.)
  • Career & Finding Life Purpose
  • Health (physical, mental, and emotional)
  • Confidence & self-love
  • Finances
  • Spiritual path

Many people say they want to find and live their life purpose—this is another way of saying that you want to be in alignment with your soul, and soul healing offers a powerful tool to help with this.

How to Heal Your Soul

Tao Hands (or Source Light Hands) is a powerful type of soul healing to heal and transform your soul, heart, mind, and body. Tao Hands carry Source frequency and vibration, so the “Tao” in Tao Hands refers to Source and is not a part of Taoism.

You can receive a Tao Hands session, or learn to practice and use it for self- healing, as well as to help your loved ones (including your animal companions).

What is the Role of Your Heart in Soul Healing?

Your heart is the receiver of your soul’s wisdom. The more open and clear your heart is, the more it can receive. Your mind processes the information the heart receives, and then your energy (or qi) allows you to take action.

For example, when you experience the emotional balance of an open heart, you often experience more clarity and intuitive guidance, which can then manifest in physical changes in your world and in your body through the decisions you make and actions you take.

For this reason, soul healing often focuses on heart healing—transforming the heart so that it can access more of your own soul’s wisdom. This is key wisdom on how to heal spiritually. Here’s more on how you can release stress and strengthen the heart.

How is Soul Healing Different than Energy Healing (such as Reiki)?

Again, according to Dr. & Master Sha, the creator of Tao Hands, “the soul is the boss.” The soul leads the heart, the heart leads the mind, the mind is in charge of your energy (or Ki in Japanese, or Qi in Chinese). In this way, Soul Healing offers a higher and more expansive level of healing than energy healing such as Reiki.

Tao Hands is a powerful complement to Reiki and hypnosis, and I often combine them in my sessions with clients and students. Tao Hands and Reiki are both wonderfully flexible in their applications and uses, and combine well with many healing modalities.

Why Would I Want to Receive Soul Healing Sessions?

If you find energy healing sessions, such as Reiki or other modalities, helpful but don’t resolve the issue, soul healing is worth exploring. It is not necessary to believe in soul healing, but being open and receptive is useful.

This type of work is more expansive than energy healing, by connecting to your own heart’s wisdom to connect to your soul, you have the potential to release negative mind blockages and negative messages carried in the body for deeper healing.

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What Should I Expect For My Soul Healing Session?

Because everyone changes differently, people have different experiences of soul healing (just like with Reiki and hypnosis). You might notice sensations such as warmth or tingling, or notice the mind getting a little quieter or more peaceful. Sometimes physical symptoms intensify first as they clear, or you might notice relief right away.

You may feel less physical sensation than in an energy healing session such as Reiki, because soul healing is at a higher frequency and vibration and is more subtle. (An analogy would be the way animals can hear frequencies that are higher than what we as humans can hear.) Often people notice a profound feeling of peace and a quality of deep stillness. Every session is different because we are always changing.

The Best Flower Essences for Healing the Soul

Flower essences are a vibrational healing system to bring the soul, heart, mind, and body into alignment. In this way, they offer soul healing, though these are the specific flower essences I recommend. Flower essences are different than essential oils or herbs, and don’t have any contraindications. Traditionally, they are taken by mouth, and this flower-infused water doesn’t have a smell or taste.

Here’s more information on what flower essences are, the potential benefits, how they work, and how to use them.

Some of my favorite flower essences for the soul include:

Star of Bethlehem: for sadness and depression (Star of Bethlehem is one of the five flowers included in Rescue Remedy, so you could use this instead)
Holly: for anger, frustration, jealousy
Wild Oat: for aligning with your soul’s purpose
Soul Support by Alaskan Essences: for resiliency and to restore balance on all levels

Where Can I Find More Information About Soul Healing?

How Do I Become a Soul Healing Practitioner?

I host Tao Hands trainings regularly with Hui-Ling Lin. You can attend an intro session at our online Love & Light Healing events. Contact me for more info or with any questions. You can also take an online or in-person weekend Tao Hands workshop from certified Tao Academy teachers around the world.

We all have blockages, or negative messages, in our soul, heart, mind, and body, and offering healing at the soul level, by receiving a Tao Hands session, or learning to become a Tao Hands practitioner to heal yourself and loved ones, can be a powerful way to transform and release these blocks to restore and heal any aspect of life.

Want to experience soul healing for yourself?

I work with clients all over the world using an intuitive combination of Tao Hands, Distance Reiki, Virtual Hypnosis, and flower essences.  Book a session for general wellness and stress relief, or if you could use support with a particular challenge.

Building a Powerful Wellness Practice

Posted on February 20, 2018

Building a Powerful Practice

I recently participated in the 2018 winter Reiki Healing Summit, which featured 38 Reiki Masters and Teachers from around the world, and I wanted to share 10 highlights from my interview. I was interviewed by Reiki Rays about my book, Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business, and addressed some of the common pitfalls and concerns of wellness practitioners dealing with the business side of practice building.

As a wellness practitioner, you have an amazing opportunity to help people who really need it. Yet so many practitioners struggle to make a living doing the work they love.

I had to figure out the nuts and bolts of starting a business from scratch, and I wanted to share what I learned, as well as advice from other accomplished practitioners and teachers, to make it easier for new practitioners.

Here are 10 key things no one tells you about starting your own wellness business:  

1. Don’t quit your day job.

If you’re making a career transition to a wellness practice, don’t give up your day job! It takes time to build a strong client base with enough clients to sustain a full-time wellness practice. An additional income source—from a full-time job or part-time work—can help you worry less as you build your practice.

2. Specialize.

Figure out the kinds of client issues and challenges you especially enjoy working with. This will set you apart and help the right kinds of clients find you.

3. Experiment & be open.

Building a successful wellness practice is hard work, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Be in an open mindset as you experiment with different ways of running your business and finding new clients.

4. Get organized.

Develop a system for keeping track of client information, income and expenses, and tax payments. Maintaining order in the administrative and financial aspects of your business will allow you to focus more on the work you love: helping clients.

5. Limit your client hours.

I know! This one sounds surprising but treatment hours are very different than working full-time at other kinds of jobs. With this work, you need to be very present for your wellness clients, and it can be taxing emotionally and physically. Seeing clients full-time is 15-20 hours a week in terms of treatment hours.

6. Monitor your growth.

Speaking of treatment hours, as you grow your practice and do more sessions in a day, be mindful of this growth: it’s all the more important that you take time to take care of yourself and have a strong meditation and self care routine.

7. Set a consistent schedule to see clients.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but being clear about the days and times that work best for you will make it easier to book clients rather than asking prospective clients when they want to come in. For example: “I see clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6pm-8pm.”  This provides a clear container and boundary. It also comes across as professional to your prospective clients.

8. Don’t offer a sliding scale or pay-as-you-wish.

If you’re not in a financially stable position with your practice, how can you possibly offer pay-what-you-wish sessions? Each person will need to make this decision for themselves, but I think it’s essential to remember that you need to be able to take care of yourself and your financial needs to better be able to take care of others. 

9. Figure out how to avoid burn out.

As you figure out a schedule that works for you, consider having a set time when you “turn off”—for example, maybe you don’t do work in the hour before bed, or maybe Sundays are reserved for downtime. Figure out when you work best, as you find balance between work time and downtime. 

10. Take good care of yourself.

Schedule wellness sessions for yourself on a regular basis. (Hint: this will also help you become a better practitioner, as you learn about the work you do from the inside out and address your own issues and challenges.)


P.S. Want more real-world advice and recommendations? You can get Building a Powerful Practice on Amazon or Nook.

To learn more about the book, get a free online Business Starter Kit, and to read a sample chapter of the book, read more here. Basically, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your wellness business up and running!

Building a Powerful Practice [Successful strategies for your wellness business]

Posted on December 18, 2015

Building a Powerful Practice Deborah Flanagan

I just published a book–Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business. Yikes! It took 3 years but at long last it’s finally done.

How This Book Can Help You

The process of creating and building a wellness business can be baffling, and is rarely covered in training courses.

In my book I share insights gleaned from my own experiences as I built my practice from the ground up, plus advice from other accomplished practitioners and teachers from a range of modalities including Frans Stiene, Gary Strauss, Joanna Crespo, Melissa Tiers, Sarah & Shawn Carson, Pam Herrick, and Maria Rodriguez. Lots of wisdom from this group!

This guide shows you how to:
–make a career transition
–find clients in person and online
–market to your ideal client base (even if you think you don’t like marketing!)
–handle the financial aspects of your practice
–build your confidence and avoid burnout

I also created a free online Business Starter Kit with practical and easy-to-use templates you can follow to manage client data, build an electronic mailing list, and keep track of income and expenses.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to expand your existing practice, this book is the blueprint. It’s ideal for wellness practitioners of any flavor–massage, Reiki, reflexology, hypnosis, acupuncture, Shiatsu, astrology, polarity, cranial sacral, etc.

You can read more about it and buy it here. And if you know someone who might find this book helpful please help spread the word. (It also makes a great gift!)

P.S. I would be honored if you would leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Thank you and I hope you find it useful. Here’s to your successful practice!

P.S.S. Watch the video about what prompted me to write this book.



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