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Ease Headache & Migraine Pain

Posted on February 12, 2012

Alleviate Headache & Migraine Pain with Reiki & Reflexology

When clients come to me with headache or migraine pain I often spend a lot of time using Reiki at the temples and cradling the head. (This is usually a favorite position and feels deeply comforting and relaxing whether you have a headache or not!) I’ll also place my hands along the spine, since this is where the nervous system is housed. Sometimes a digestive issue might be part of the cause, so I’ll place my hands over the abdominal area. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it goes where it’s needed.

With reflexology, I use special protocols for headaches and migraines, targeting the brain, neck, spine, and digestive reflexes, among others. I also pay extra attention to areas of the feet that have changes in tissue texture or sensitivity.MORE…

Hypnosis 101

Posted on November 22, 2011

What is hypnosis? There are many misconceptions based on movies, swinging watches, and stage hypnotists. Read on to find out how you’re much more familiar with hypnosis than you might think….

Self-Hypnosis: You Do It All The Time

A lot of people think of hypnosis, or trance, (they can be used interchangeably) as a strange altered state, when in fact it’s a common everyday thing. We’re all familiar with times when we’ve just drifted off, losing sense of time. Jogging, reading, driving, watching TV, listening to music, commuting on the subway–these are all trance states and are times when the unconscious takes control.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.–Einstein

The unconscious mind is in control of as much as 95% of our behavior, which means our conscious mind is only really in control of 5%. This explains why it can be difficult to tackle problems only on a conscious level. MORE…

What’s the #1 Question Clients Ask Me About Reflexology?

Posted on August 2, 2011

What can Reflexology tell me about my health?

Throughout your Reflexology session I assess any stress cues your feet may have and evaluate them to come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Stress cues show how your feet adapt to stress and this reflects stress in other parts of your body. For example, adaptation is shown with visual signs such as callouses, knobby toes, or a bunion. Additional indications of stress are sensitivity to technique application and change in tissue texture.

This assessment allows me to target areas of stress and design a session specific to your individual needs. By focusing on any areas of imbalance, your body can move immediately toward homeostasis.

Research shows that a single Reflexology session creates relaxation, reduces anxiety, diminishes pain, improves blood flow, and decreases high blood pressure.MORE…

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