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Self-Help Reflexology Techniques You Can Do At Home

Posted on August 11, 2014

reflexology gadgets 051513

Interested in self-help reflexology techniques to help with everything from digestive issues, to PMS, to allergies, to stress?

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Chill Out Workout For Your Feet

Posted on May 30, 2013

Recently, I taped a reflexology segment for Jeff Halevy’s show, Workout From Within, on Veria Living TV (a health/wellness network). It aired last week, but you can see the 5-minute segment here.

It was fun to do, especially because my all-time favorite sister came with me as moral support (visiting all the way from Hawaii no less).

The Veria Living segment gives you a chill out workout for your feet and offers tips you can do at home to help with mental stress (who doesn’t have that?!), digestion, and back pain.

Remember, any time you can take time out of your day to interrupt stress your body will thank you. Ready to interrupt stress?

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I think my sister might be an even bigger fan of reflexology than me. This is the photo she sent me: multi-tasking with her various reflexology gadgets.

Dual Reflexology 012512

For more reflexology gadgets, see my previous post. Let me know how it goes!


The Best DIY Reflexology Gadgets

Posted on May 15, 2013

If you’ve been a client or student for a while, then you know I like to give you tips you can do on your own to interrupt stress.

With flip flop season right around the corner here in NYC, summer is a good time to give your feet a little extra attention. Believe me, I’ve tried all sorts of reflexology gadgets, and these are my top picks for giving yourself a mini-reflexology session in under 5 minutes.

We have 14,000 nerve endings on the bottoms of our feet, and those nerves connect to the spinal nerves, which connect with the various organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is such an efficient way to promote circulation and help the body relax and balance itself.

I use most of these first thing when I wake up, and right before bed. They each only take a minute or two, yet actually go a long way in helping your body balance itself. (Several clients say their kids love them, too!) Some you may already have around your home, others you can buy on trusty Amazon for between $5-20.

reflexology gadgets 051513

Foot Roller

Standing up, (or sitting if the pressure is too much) roll the bottom of the foot on the foot roller. Focus on the bottom arch of the foot to support digestion.

Million Dollar Golf Ball Technique

I’ve talked about this one before, but it bears repeating–it’s a good one! I see a lot of clients with digestive issues, so this is one of my favorite self-help tips: the Million-Dollar Golf Ball Technique created by leading reflexologists Barbara and Kevin Kunz. This technique helps regulate and support your digestion. 

  • Interlock fingers.
  • Roll the ball around the lower area of the palms, or heels of the hands. (You can use a golf ball, or I like the nubby green ball in the photo above to get even deeper results.)
  • This corresponds to the digestive reflexes for the small and large intestines.
  • You might notice the area feels a little crunchy or bumpy if you have digestive issues.

Flintstones Pebble Foot Mat

Ok, I made this name up, but it does remind me of the Flintstones. I keep this mat in front of my kitchen sink. (My husband actually loves it!) It basically simulates the way our ancestors used to get reflexology thousands of years ago before we started wearing shoes. Any time you walk on uneven surfaces barefoot, you’re stimulating all those nerve endings.

Last But Not Least, My Latest Favorite: Dryer Balls

Maybe you’ve seen these, they come in a pair of two and are supposed to replace dryer sheets and fabric softener (see the blue spiky ball in the photo above). I like to stand up for this one. Press each part of the bottom of the foot into the ball: starting with the heel, then the arch, then the ball of the foot, ending at the toes–holding each of for about 10 seconds.

If your feet are more sensitive, do these techniques wearing socks and work up to doing it barefoot.

Again, using any one of these is a great way to interrupt stress, help your body relax, and bring yourself into balance.

I’d love to hear your feedback, or other favorite reflexology gadgets. Let me know how it goes.

Cortisol & Stress

Posted on August 7, 2012

EFT Reduces Your Stress Hormones

A milestone study in the prestigious and oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, has found that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) significantly reduces levels of cortisol (your major stress hormone). Cortisol regulates a cascade of other biochemicals that affect everything from your digestive system to your musculoskeletal system. The study examined 83 people who received a single session of either talk therapy or EFT, and a third group that just rested. The study found that cortisol declined 24% in the EFT group, compared to 14% in the other two groups. People in the EFT group also had much greater reductions in anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.

You can read more about the study, which will come out in the October issue, here.

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