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How To Make Better Decisions With Hypnosis

Posted on September 24, 2014

Making Better Decisions with Hypnosis 092314

I just finished a great class this past weekend with the amazing trainer John Overdurf.

We talked a lot about how the brain works when we’re trying to make a decision, and ways to optimize this process so we can make better ones.

I always love John’s classes–he’s always finding new techniques to facilitate peak performance. In fact, he trains top  CEOs (e.g. the head of Toyota).

Read on to discover how to make better decisions with hypnosis. I’ll show you an easy question you can ask yourself when you’re in the process of making a decision, as well as how hypnosis can put you in the right state of mind to have an Ah-ha moment.

Decision-Making Gone Wrong

We often forget a couple of key things when we make decisions.

1. We think that we can accurately predict the future, when actually variables are always changing (including us!). I know I’m guilty of often trying to live in the future–can you relate?

2. We often try to make important decisions when we’re stressed. When we’re in a negative state, such as feeling stressed, we’re only using half our brain (the dominant hemisphere). This severely limits our options.

Optimizing Decision-Making

So how to make better decisions with hypnosis?

Hypnosis helps us use both parts of our brain, activating the sub-dominant hemisphere. This helps us access our intuition and creativity, feeling relaxed and connected to ourselves.

Hypnosis also helps us reinterpret problems, noticing what is new and different. This is when the Ah-ha moments happen, and we can come up with solutions we never even considered before.

One Simple Question

Here’s a simple question you can ask yourself when you’re getting ready to make a decision. Hypnosis greatly facilitates this process, but you can do this on your own as well. Before you ask this question, do something to get yourself in a relaxed state of mind: maybe closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

Then ask yourself:

What’s the smallest next step I need to take involving this decision?

So often we think too big picture, and we become overwhelmed and stressed. I’ve learned to ask myself this question whenever I’m working on a big project and find it really helps. It’s such a simple question, and yet it’s such a powerful way to retrain your brain (which is what hypnosis is all about).

Asking yourself this simple question makes it more manageable, and will give you more information to go on once you’ve completed this next smallest step as you engage in the process of making decisions.

Then you can repeat the question, step by step, working toward figuring out what you want to do and making better decisions throughout.

Need some additional help? Schedule a hypnosis session and we’ll work through the process together. I’ll also show you the Necker Cube technique to help further facilitate the A-Ha moment!


Upcoming Reiki Classes in NYC

Posted on September 13, 2014


I’ve been hearing from many of you, asking when I’m going to teach the next Reiki I or II class. With back to school ingrained in many of us, fall is a great time to learn something new.

Reiki I Class Starts October 7th

The next Reiki I class starts on Tuesday, October 7th.

People often ask me what to expect from taking a Reiki I class and I tell them about
5 major benefits.

Here’s a previous article I wrote about how taking Reiki I changed my life, to give you some ideas of how it might change yours.

You can book here if you’re ready to learn a powerful, yet easy way to take care of yourself, and let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s what one student said about learning Reiki and the effect it had on his life:

I see Deborah for Reiki sessions, and she is also my Reiki teacher. The results have been nothing short of mini-miracles.

Since I learned Reiki, I’ve quit smoking, gotten off medication, and become more passionate about my life in general. My advice: if you’re struggling in any area of your life, take a Reiki class or get a session, and be open to the possibility of shifting your life and watch for the transformation.— Joe L.


Reiki II Class Starts November 11th

Been practicing Reiki and ready to deepen your practice?

Reiki II will take place on November 11, 18, and December 2nd, 6-9pm.

Read on for more information about what you’ll discover in Reiki II and to register. (Space is limited!)

What I Learned About Reiki From My 95-Year-Old Grandfather

Posted on July 8, 2014

me and Granddaddy 070614

I was recently visiting with my grandfather. I love our talks: a retired professor of engineering, he always shares his perspective thoughtfully, and with humility and grace.

I asked him about how he deals with uncertainty and worry. At 95 years old, I figured he would have some words of wisdom to share. He told me this story:

Five years ago, he was sitting at the bar of one of his favorite local restaurants; a young man sat down next to him and seemed eager to chat. A bit bluntly, he started the conversation by stating that he was an atheist, and asking my grandfather how old he was.

My grandfather tends to take things in stride, so he simply told the young man his age.

The young man then asked: “Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

My grandfather replied: “No, I don’t worry about things I can’t control.”

Easier said than done, but I’ve seen him apply this in his daily life.

The system of Reiki offers precepts, or principles to live by. One of my favorite is:
Do not worry, fear is distraction.

It’s such a good reminder. After all, worry doesn’t do anything. If you can take action to help the situation, you’re doing something, you’re not just worrying about it. And if it’s out of your control, why worry about it, it’s distracting you from living your life.

I think this might be the secret to my grandfather’s longevity.

Learning Reiki, or getting Reiki sessions, can help you learn to worry less, feeling more centered and balanced in your life.

What’s one worry you can let go of today?

Powerful Ways to Feel Inspired from the Lisa Oz Show

Posted on April 25, 2014

Lisa Oz show 041513

As I previously mentioned, I recently did a reflexology segment for the Lisa Oz Show.

Lisa Oz ends each show with a roundtable discussion. I sat down with Lisa and her other guests, and we discussed powerful ways to feel inspired. It was great to hear such varied perspectives. I was inspired, and I hope you will be, too. Let me know!

Here’s the clip to find powerful ways to feel (and stay) inspired.

And here’s the previous post if you missed it, and want to see an easy 5-minute reflexology routine you can do to alleviate allergies and congestion, PMS and hot flashes, and stress.

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