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What Are You Carrying?

Posted on January 17, 2012

Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain: The Zen Master’s Words of Wisdom

Many clients come to me complaining of tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulder, and back region. So many of us hold stress in these areas.

The Zen Master and the Nasty Woman

A Zen master and his student are walking along and arrive at a town which is experiencing a terrible flood. A very irate woman was being nasty to everyone and was berating the people who were trying to carry her across the water. She was going to have to get down and get wet and she was furious about this. The Zen Master walks over, lifts her up, carries her across the water and puts her down on the other side. She doesn’t even thank him and was mad at him for getting the bottom of her robe wet. The student is mortified, he walks next to the Zen Master for two hours in silence and finally says, “Master, I don’t understand why you did that. We’re not even supposed to touch women. This woman didn’t deserve your graciousness. She was so ungrateful.” MORE…

What’s the #1 Question Clients Ask Me About Reflexology?

Posted on August 2, 2011

What can Reflexology tell me about my health?

Throughout your Reflexology session I assess any stress cues your feet may have and evaluate them to come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Stress cues show how your feet adapt to stress and this reflects stress in other parts of your body. For example, adaptation is shown with visual signs such as callouses, knobby toes, or a bunion. Additional indications of stress are sensitivity to technique application and change in tissue texture.

This assessment allows me to target areas of stress and design a session specific to your individual needs. By focusing on any areas of imbalance, your body can move immediately toward homeostasis.

Research shows that a single Reflexology session creates relaxation, reduces anxiety, diminishes pain, improves blood flow, and decreases high blood pressure.MORE…

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