Keeping It Virtual: 8 Ways This Benefits You

Posted on July 23, 2021

It’s official!

As you may have noticed, with the extraordinary situation of the past year and a half, I’ve exclusively been offering virtual Reiki, hypnosis, and Tao Hands soul healing sessions. I’m excited to say they are here to stay!

Read on to find out why I’m keeping it virtual, 8 powerful ways this benefits you, and a sneak-peak of expanded offerings I’m planning so I can best support you. 

I’ve offered Distance Reiki sessions and online hypnosis sessions with clients around the world since I started my healing arts practice in 2008, and the past year has given me the opportunity to refine and strengthen my online offerings.

While there’s no discernable difference between online hypnosis sessions and in-person, Reiki sessions are different (no massage table, for one!).

Many people don’t realize that Distance Reiki is a technique original to the system of Reiki when it was created in Japan in the 1920’s. To best explain what Distance Reiki is, how it works, and what benefits you can expect, I put together Distance Reiki: The Beginner’s Guide to Distance Healing if you want to find out more.

Why I’m Keeping My Services Virtual

For many people this past year has required flexibility, creativity, and the ability to pivot given the circumstances of the pandemic. I’m so grateful to my many clients who were willing to be open and try something new as I navigated ways to best support you through this extraordinary time.

I was amazed how much the virtual session format allowed me to offer and integrate more into all my soul healing sessions in a way that I wasn’t able to in person, and I’ve been pleased with the feedback of those of you who have been in-person clients (some for as many as 10+ years) when they switched over to virtual.

Many clients have been pleasantly surprised to find no difference in the effectiveness and benefits, and many have found them more potent than in-person sessions for the following reasons.

8 Powerful Benefits of Virtual Sessions

 1. Virtual Sessions Can Be More Potent:

Virtual Hypnosis, Distance Reiki, and Tao Hands soul healing sessions provide an opportunity to explore healing in an expanded way that can be more potent than in-person sessions.

Virtual sessions take place in a liminal space. This is an in-between place, not here and not there, allowing for a greater sense of possibility, a threshold where your inner wisdom can bring you gifts you never envisioned before. It can help you trust yourself and go beyond the linear mind and the physical world, tapping into the interconnectedness of us all.

2. Virtual Sessions More Easily Lend Themselves to Soul Healing:

I’m able to use additional soul healing techniques and tools that I wasn’t able to use during in-person sessions. Before the pandemic, I was starting to integrate Tao Hands soul healing into some of my in-person sessions, but the flexibility and format of virtual sessions allows me to do this with all my sessions.

Soul healing can easily be performed virtually, going beyond the limitations of time and physical space, and reminding us that we are all interconnected. It sets aside the layer of personality for both the practitioner and the recipient, allowing self-healing of your soul/heart/mind/body with less interaction or disruption from the analytical/linear mind.

Here’s more about soul healing, what it is and how it can help you. And here’s more about Tao Hands healing specifically.

3. Virtual Sessions Enable Greater Flexibility:

This flexibility has allowed me to be more creative and better personalize your session for you. The limitations of being on a massage table for Reiki made it more challenging to include the change work of hypnosis and vice versa. Virtual sessions allow me to better integrate and combine Reiki, hypnosis, and Tao Hands, streamlining each session and maximize your healing benefits.

4. Virtual Sessions Reduce Time & Travel Constraints:

No transition time is needed to get in and out of the office, get on and off the massage table, or in the hypnosis chair, etc. Fewer logistics equals more time for you to heal and transform.

Several clients have also mentioned the added flexibility of not having to schedule travel time to and from my office. It’s an added bonus that there’s no need to leave your session and re-engage with the hectic energy of the city right away.

Being in the comfort of your own home or office also allows the option to take a nap and integrate the healing more deeply, similar to the final relaxation pose (Shavasana) at the end of yoga class. This relaxed state is key to more deeply integrating the changes you’re making–relaxation is a far more important ingredient in the healing process than we realize.

5. Online Hypnosis Provides The Option of Recording with Zoom:

Some clients like the option to record the formal trance or guided meditation, to listen to again as an ongoing resource to reinforce and extend the effects between online hypnotherapy sessions. This is easily done using Zoom.

6. Virtual Sessions Go Beyond Geography:

Many people have relocated as a result of the pandemic, and while I’ve always worked remotely with clients living in far-off places, I love being able to keep in touch and connect with you easily no matter where you are in the world.

7. Virtual Sessions Help You Create A Healing Sanctuary In Your Home:

Another powerful benefit is the ability to create a healing sanctuary in the comfort of your own home, rather than having to go out to get it. Doing virtual healing work while in your physical space offers a unique way to bring a high-level frequency and vibration into your living space.

For years, clients would notice and often remark on how much more relaxed they felt just entering my office before we even started the session. We would try and anchor this positive feeling so they could feel it in their own home. Now we can skip this step.

One of my spiritual teachers said something that really resonated with me. Recently someone asked him where his healing center was located. He said in all his students’ homes around the world!

I love the bonus of being able to help you change the vibration and frequency in your living space. Imagine creating a beautiful web of light around the world in each client’s home, rather than just having it concentrated in my office. My teacher often gives the analogy of turning on one lightbulb versus hundreds of lightbulbs—the more the better (and brighter).

8. The Creation of Virtual Group Soul Healing Sessions & Recordings

As one of my new offerings, I created monthly Virtual Group Soul Healing Pop-Ups. These events allow me to integrate the best elements of my one-on-one sessions, and weave in the support of community in a powerful group format. Each pop-up is around an intuitively channeled theme with pre- and post- prompts, and different self-healing techniques to help you extend the benefits.

I use 5 Powerful Soul Healing Tools: Tao Hands, Distance Reiki, Guided Hypnosis/Meditation, Flower Essences, & Self-Healing Techniques. Here’s more information about how it works, levels of online interaction, and ways you’ll benefit. 

There’s also the option to purchase past recordings as an ongoing self-care resource you can listen to again and again. Many people purchase hypnosis recordings or guided meditations, and these soul healing recordings offers all that and much more.


These are 8 of the major reasons I’ve found virtual sessions to be more effective than in-person, and I look forward to connecting with you if you’d like to experience this for yourself.

Here’s what clients are saying about virtual sessions:

I really like the Distance Reiki. I was surprised that I felt all the sensations that I did with an in-person session. They were even amplified! Feeling more calm and at peace. Thanks again. I’m excited for our next session! — Jan T.

I so needed this session especially at this time with so much going on around us collectively, as well during Covid, and I am so grateful! I have been going to Deborah in person for a while now and had my first virtual Reiki and hypnosis session this week. I didn’t know what to expect, and thought it wouldn’t be the same online, but it was, and in some ways it offered extra benefits! After the incredible session, since I was already comfortably at home and didn’t have to go back to the office, I could rest and absorb the healing that took place. I can’t say enough about Deborah, she is so gifted, and through all her methods of healing so much has been uncovered, shed, and rebalanced for me. I am so looking forward to my next appointment–online of course! — E. Z.

I’ve had reiki done with Deborah virtually, and it’s the best experience. I highly recommend her! And for the non-believers: the virtual reiki does work–and I live in Europe! — Stephanie K.

I met Deborah in person a few years ago for a  session, and the positive results I felt and the observations she made have stayed with me – so when I decided to try hypnosis again to tackle current issues, I only considered seeing Deborah. We now meet virtually, and the zoom sessions have been just as helpful as the in-person ones. Deborah is very down-to-earth and approachable, and very easy to open up to – she truly listens and is genuinely interested and focused on helping you reach your goals, tailoring the session and techniques, and providing tools for you to keep your progress going on your own. My goals are focused around weight loss and my own mental and emotional blocks, and I’ve noticed almost immediate changes in my behavior which are helping me find my way. I can’t recommend Deborah enough.—J.C.

I’ve enjoyed both the virtual hypnosis and distance Reiki sessions so much. Your sessions help me remember important things from the past that I forgot, and have a nurturing, comforting quality. I feel cherished and cared for by your soft energy and grounding presence. Thank you. –M. R.

Where Can I Find More Information About Virtual Services?

Want to experience virtual sessions for yourself?

I work with clients all over the world using an intuitive combination of Tao HandsDistance ReikiOnline Hypnosis, and flower essences.  Book a session for general wellness and stress relief, or if you could use support with a particular challenge. I also offer Virtual Group Soul Healing Pop-Ups around a different intuitively channeled theme each month.

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