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Posted on August 1, 2013

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Lots of clients want to know how fast they’ll see results after their session. Now I’m naturally impatient, so I can completely relate to this question.

I wrote a previous blog post about this very topic, but I want to go a little deeper into it from another angle.

I’m reminded of a patient I worked with at NYU Medical. I was giving an introductory talk about Reiki at the hospital. Some of the audience members had received Reiki sessions from me, and I asked them to share with the group a little about their individual experiences.

This patient said that while she felt much more relaxed and less anxious, Reiki didn’t really help the discomfort she was having with her knee. So she didn’t find Reiki effective.

Many people in the audience looked at her in surprise, and someone pointed out that getting rid of anxiety is a pretty good outcome. But she didn’t see it because she was so focused on that knee.

So often we’re in a very linear state of mind when we think of getting results: I want my symptoms to go away,  I want to my illness to go away, I want (fill in the blank here).

But integrative therapies don’t work the same way Western medicine does. Western medicine addresses the symptom. It may alleviate it without necessarily healing the root cause, and it often involves unwanted side effects.

Integrative therapies often work directly with the outcome we’re seeking, and it’s wonderful when it does, but the thing that I think is so great about Reiki, hypnosis, and reflexology, is that healing can also go deeper and in ways we don’t always anticipate or expect. And that can help us have fuller and more fulfilling lives, and grow in new and unexpected ways.

What’s an outcome you’ve been focused on? How can you work toward that goal while giving it some space for something possibly even more wonderful to happen?

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