Finding Forgiveness: Starting with Yourself


The focus of this Soul Healing Event is to help you if you:

  • Are a perfectionist or are too hard on yourself
  • Have self-esteem or self-love issues
  • Are plagued by your inner critic
  • Hold resentment toward your body
  • Find it hard to let past mistakes or regrets go
  • Have trouble trusting yourself
  • Hold on to grudges
  • Want an affordable self-care option you can listen to again and again

Potential Benefits to Look For & Notice:

  • Having more self-love
  • Being more compassionate with yourself & others
  • Release the past so you can step fully into the present
  • Having more confidence
  • Feeling peaceful & calm
  • Feeling lighter with a greater sense of freedom


Time Stamps for the Recording:

[Time Stamp: Mini-Movement Exercise Snack 7:52]
[Time Stamp: Intention Setting 10:30]
[Time Stamp: Forgiveness Practice  13:50]
[Time Stamp: Deep Soul Healing 19:27]


Bonus Soulwork

Journal Prompts, Experiments, & Meditative Reflections:

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: Notice how often you use the word “should”–“I should do this, or that.” Pause, evaluate if you’re being hard on yourself, and adjust as needed.

Interrupt: When the Inner Critic, self-judgment or any negative thought comes up interrupt and transform it immediately in the moment. This becomes a 2-second mindfulness meditation practice. Here are 2 ways to do this:

  • From author Gabby Bernstein: “I forgive myself for having this thought, please help me choose love instead.” 
  • From Master Sha: Give yourself an order from your soul: “Transform negative message.”


Self-Healing Technique:

Master Sha Forgiveness Practice

Ho’oponopono Technique  (this is another wonderful forgiveness practice from Hawaii)

Book Recommendation:

Greatest Forgiveness: Bring Joy and Peace to Your Life with the Power of Unconditional Forgiveness

Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Flower Essences for Forgiveness:

Here are some specific flower essence suggestions to support you with our theme:

Pine to heal self-blame, guilt, shame, perfectionism (this is uniquely suited to the theme!)
Honeysuckle to release the past and any regrets so you can move forward
Willow for resentment, feeling a victim or self-pity
Gentian for feeling negative after dealing with a set-back
Rescue Remedy for obsessive thoughts, sadness or grief, panic or intense anxiety, impatience with yourself

Here’s an expanded FAQs on how to take flower essences, where to purchase, and more:
Info on Flower Essences


These are all options for integrating the Soul Healing. Pick 1 or 2, there’s no right or wrong way. Have fun!

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