Ease Headache & Migraine Pain

Posted on February 12, 2012

Alleviate Headache & Migraine Pain with Reiki & Reflexology

When clients come to me with headache or migraine pain I often spend a lot of time using Reiki at the temples and cradling the head. (This is usually a favorite position and feels deeply comforting and relaxing whether you have a headache or not!) I’ll also place my hands along the spine, since this is where the nervous system is housed. Sometimes a digestive issue might be part of the cause, so I’ll place my hands over the abdominal area. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it goes where it’s needed.

With reflexology, I use special protocols for headaches and migraines, targeting the brain, neck, spine, and digestive reflexes, among others. I also pay extra attention to areas of the feet that have changes in tissue texture or sensitivity.

Hand and Foot Maps

You can treat the body yourself between sessions with just a few minutes of self-help reflexology. Check out these reflexology maps for the hands and feet. You can scroll over the different reflexes–look for the head, brain, and neck reflexes. You can try it on your hands or feet, whichever you prefer.

Try This

Rub and press on the big toes or thumbs. The tips of the remaining toes and fingers coincide with the head, brain, and sinus reflexes, as well (give more attention to these if you have a sinus headache).


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