Reiki Classes for Self-Treatment

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A unique aspect of Reiki is that it’s easy to learn and you can practice it on yourself.

Deborah Flanagan teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced Reiki IReiki II, and Reiki III (Reiki Master) classes, as well as Reiki Reunions, at her office in Chelsea in New York City. Classes are intimate and personalized.

Find out more about Deborah’s Reiki teaching style.

Reiki I is the first level of training, and introduces students to the principles of Reiki and focuses on daily self treatment.
–Reiki I: TBA

Reiki II  is the intermediate level of training, and the focus is on sharing Reiki with loved ones through the table protocol and the distance, or absentee healing technique.
–Reiki II: TBA

Reiki III is the advanced level of training, recommended for students interested in professional practice or deepening their personal development.
–Reiki III: TBA

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Discover how to use this natural healing practice from Japan that promotes balance and wellness.

I can’t believe it’s only been a few days, but I’m learning a lot from my Reiki hands! I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time. I want to thank you for teaching me Reiki. I’ve been perusing Reiki books and when they talk about finding the right teacher, I feel good knowing that I was lead to just the right person to initiate me in this practice." — Jan K., Park Slope, NYC

How Do Reiki Classes Work?

Hands on healing is our natural ability (just think about how you often feel better after someone holds your hand or gives you a hug). Reiki classes give this ability a structure and foundation, to expand your innate capacity. Once you’ve learned some basic techniques, you’ll have the ability to give yourself a mini-Reiki session every day, contributing to your own healing.

What will I learn and discover in Reiki I?  Reiki II?  Reiki III?

Why Do Reiki Trainings Vary In Length?

Reiki is simple to learn and practice, so some teachers’ classes are shorter in length than others. At the Center for True Health, Deborah wants you to have time to integrate and feel confident about what you learn, ask questions, and have the ongoing support of the class. Practice and repetition is essential to learning, and she wants to make sure you leave the class with the real lasting benefits of learning Reiki.

Do You Offer Reiki Certification?

There are optional certification requirements at the end of each course including: attending a certain number of classes, practicing self care, giving and receiving a certain number of sessions, and completing a short written assignment.  Students have one year from the date of the last class to complete these requirements, and once completed,  you will receive a beautiful certificate.

Read about my Reiki Master lineage here.

Imagine the benefits of giving yourself a mini-Reiki session every day. It’s simple to learn and can have amazing life-long benefits.

To learn Reiki as a way to invest in your health and well-being, sign up or contact Deborah with any questions.

Attendance Policy for Reiki I, II, & III Certification & Class Cancellation Policy

Whether you have a private session or take classes with Deborah, Reiki is an empowering way to take care of yourself, enabling you to connect with your inner wisdom and find true health.

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