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Wellness Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Posted on December 8, 2016

It’s that time of year, and I wanted to compile a heart-centered list of health and wellness gifts for the season. I’ve seen other wellness gift guides, but they seem mostly centered around fitness, so I’m taking it in a different direction.

From reflexology tools, books on spirituality and health, to Tarot and oracle cards, to essential oils and sprays, these are some of my personal favorites that help me find health and balance and connect to my intuition. I hope you find them helpful (and fun) and perfect for someone on your list (or perhaps something for yourself!).

Giving and receiving can be a beautiful cycle, and here’s to opening up to this, and savoring time with loved ones during the holiday season.

Hope you enjoy!

Here are the categories I cover for the best gifts for stress relief and relaxation:

For Reflection: Journals & E-Courses
For the Mind: Must-Read Books & Hypnosis Tools
For Intuition: Tarot & Oracle Cards
For the Nose: Essential Oils & Sprays
For the Taste: Teas & Spices
For the Feet & Body: Reflexology Tools
For Ease of Use: Gift Certificates

For Reflection: Journals, E-Courses, & Games

5 minute journal

5-Minute Journal
Using the principles of positive psychology, this journal helps you cultivate gratitude, promote inner growth and self reflection, and overcome negative thought patterns in 5 minutes a day—sounds like one of the top gifts for stress relief, right? I’ve been using it every day for over a year and noticed a huge difference in my mindset.

Here’s more about my personal experience using it.

Daily Guidance
Susannah Conway offers a range of beautiful e-courses to help you connect to your intuition. (I’ve taken all of them, I think.) This course teaches you to tune into your own creativity and intuition using Tarot and oracle cards (see below for deck recommendations). Her free Love Letters (her e-newsletter) are wonderful, too!

This is a great game to bring families together (they’re in the midst of a kickstarter campaign). Research shows that family conversations are good for the spirit, brain and health. Developed by one of my lovely clients!

For the Mind: Must-Read Books & Hypnosis Tools

May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness
Gabby Bernstein offers a straight-forward plan to release fear and allow gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through you. The book makes change manageable, giving bite-sized exercises to do each morning and evening. I loved how the daily exercises built on each other over the course of 40 days, making transformation sustainable (and enjoyable!).

The Tapping Solution
This book by Nick Ortner provides a great foundation about how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping) works, as well as chapters that cover how to use it to alleviate pain/illness, lose weight, create healthy relationships, make money, and eliminate phobias. It’s one of the most powerful tools I use with clients and among my favorite gifts for stress relief.

Here’s a past post I wrote about how EFT works and tips to make it more effective, as well as a part two addressing frequently asked questions on EFT from clients.

Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs
This a cute EFT book for kids. Kids are people, too, and I love that they can learn at an early age how to manage stress and worry.

Greens Glorious Greens

Looking for gifts for healthy eaters? I love this cookbook with more than 140 delicious recipes for beautiful, leafy greens. It gives me creative (yet easy) ways to incorporate more veggies into my meals. Yum.

The Book of Awakening 
I recently started reading this beautiful book. Mark Nepo wrote the book in response to his journey through cancer, and it led him to create a day book not only for people going through life-threatening situations but for everyone. I highly recommend this daily companion to read throughout the year.

The Artist’s Way
In sessions, I will often recommend writing a letter, journaling, or finding other ways to tap into your creativity through the written word. Julia Cameron’s classic book, The Artist’s Way, continues to stand the test of time. The book’s premise is that creative expression is vital no matter your profession. She guides you through a twelve-week program to recover your creativity from various blocks such as limiting beliefs, self sabotage, guilt, fear, and addiction.

Rise Sister Rise
A few of my Reiki III students recommended Rise Sister Rise to me and I highly recommend it to you. Rebecca Campbell offers tools, rituals, and questions to consider to help you access your own feminine wisdom, intuition, and power. (No matter our gender, we each have a masculine and feminine side so this isn’t just for women).

Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business

So many people I know are making big career changes. Looking for gifts for new business owners or know someone in your life who wants to become a wellness practitioner of any flavor (Reiki, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, hypnotist, or life coach, etc.)?

I wrote Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business to help practitioners find clients in person and online, market to their ideal client base (even for those practitioners that think they don’t like marketing), put together creative packages and promotions, and avoid burn out.

Want more book recommendations? I’ve compiled best book lists in the past, and you can read them here and here.

Hypnosis Recordings
Uncommon Knowledge offers an extended list of hypnosis downloads for a range of issues (some of their most popular help with exercise motivation, procrastination, self esteem, focus and concentration, weight loss, insomnia, and even drinking less wine!). I like their recordings and approach a lot (and even bought one for my Dad for Father’s Day to help improve his golf game–after all, most professional athletes use some form of hypnosis for peak performance).

While recordings aren’t able to be as personalized as one-on-one hypnosis sessions, it can be helpful between sessions or to try hypnosis out and see if it’s something you can benefit from. These recordings are fabulous gifts for relaxation.


For the Nose: Essential Oils and Sprays

Essential oilsWyndmere Essential Oils
Wyndmere oils are high quality yet affordable, and I’ve been using them for years. The sense of smell is one of the oldest parts of the brain and therefore one of the fastest ways you can change your state of mind.

Some of my favorite blends include Serenity, Anxiety Relief, and Stress Relief.

I also love the Neroli hydrosol (orange blossoms!), as well as the Rose Garden and other roll-ons. 

(Whole Foods and some health food stores carry Wyndmere as well.)

Alaskan Essences
This brand includes a combination of essential oils and flower and gem essences. They are more delicately scented than regular essential oils.  The sacred space gift sets are lovely and Calling All Angels Spray is my absolute favorite (everyone I’ve given it to loves it!) The Combination Formula Kit also offers a wonderful range if you really want to dive in.

Andrea’s Alchemy
I recently tried acupuncturist and health coach Andrea Henkel’s custom blends. They are high quality, beautifully crafted, and smell wonderful. I especially love her Grounding Cedar roll on, and her various sprays are also a nice way to shift your energy quickly.

I visited Alaska with my family last year and bought a bottle of Alpenglow body lotion. I loved it so much I continue to order it online. Their products are super moisturizing, organic, and handmade from scratch (and include Alaskan snow as an ingredient). I plan to try it with my reflexology clients.


For the Taste: Teas & Spices

Rose Tulsi Tea is part of my morning routine. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has stress relieving properties. There are many delicious flavors to choose from, but my inner-grandma adores anything rose.

Genmaicha Green Tea with toasted brown rice is my go-to afternoon tea at the office. It’s much more subtle than most green teas. Again, Choice Organic Teas has many delightful flavors and a wide variety of teas to choose from.

(You can also find both brands of tea at Whole Foods and health food stores. Perfect gifts for tea drinkers as these flavors are distinctive and go beyond the everyday black tea.)

Cinnamon Hill
This company sells fresh cinnamon you can grate yourself. I use cinnamon every day (delicious and super healthy). This one is on my Christmas list—Mom, are you reading this?


For Intuition: Tarot & Oracle Cards

Quan Yin Oracle Deck   Tarot
This deck speaks to me every time I use it—full of gorgeous images, as well as powerful messages in the accompanying book by Alana Fairchild.

Vintage Wisdom Oracle Cards
This deck is a recent acquisition and includes beautiful old-fashioned montages artfully crafted from French vintage postcards and sepia family photographs. So pretty and nostalgic!

The Fountain Tarot
I love this modern adaptation of the Tarot—clean and sleek. And the accompanying booklet breaks down the meanings in a way that deeply resonates with me. I even used it with my mother-in-law—isn’t she the coolest?

The Devas of Creation
This deck illustrates the concept of the invisible energy patterns in the universe—wow, right? These cards are magical and can be used in many ways—for journaling, meditation, or daily guidance.

These decks are all powerful gifts for relaxation and self-reflection.


For the Feet & Body: Reflexology & Other Tools

My list of health and wellness gifts would not be complete without my top picks for reflexology tools.

Reflexi Reflexi
My all-time favorite reflexology tool is the
Reflexi. I love its flexibility in the various ways you can use it, allowing you to really focus on specific reflexes and parts of the feet.  


Wooden Foot Roller
The tried and true wooden foot roller: simple, inexpensive, and effective.

Foot Rubz Ball
This ball can be used on both the hands and feet (see this article on how to use it).

The Stick Foot Wheel Massager
Quite a name, eh? Karen Ball, a wonderful reflexology teacher, found this reflexology tool (if you know me, you know I’m ALWAYS looking for new gadgets to try and my feet are pretty happy about this). I’m putting this one on my Christmas list.

Magic Weighted Blanket
I finally bought this weighted blanket and find it incredibly restorative for my nervous system. I sleep more deeply and find it incredibly calming. I’ve recommended it to clients, too.


For Ease of Use: Gift Certificates

No health and wellness gifts guide would be complete without including gift certificates for a healing session.

I’ve had clients request gift certificates from their loved ones for both sessions and Reiki classes—what a great idea (yes, I’m biased!) Of course, they also purchase certificates to give to others.

Give gifts for relaxation and stress relief with a Reiki, Reflexology, and/or Hypnosis session gift certificate.

  • $175 for an hour session
  • $265 for a 90-minute session
  • $350 for a 2-hour session

You’ll receive an emailable Gift Certificate that you can forward to the recipient. If you prefer, I can mail you a hard copy gift certificate card with matching envelope, just give me your address or the address of the person you’d like me to send it to.

Less stress for you in terms of shopping, and you’re helping by giving gifts for stress relief for your loved ones.


Whew! Quite a range of health and wellness gifts, eh? I hope this helps you find something special and heart-centered for your loved ones.

Need easy tips on how to handle holiday stress?

Happy holidays!


Does Hypnosis Work? Yes, Don’t Be Mislead By These 2 Signs.

Posted on November 20, 2014

Does Hypnosis Work? Yes, don't be misled by these 2 signs.

I often hear 2 main concerns after a client’s first hypnosis session. Interestingly enough, these concerns are completely opposite from one another.

Sometimes a client will say, “I feel really relaxed and peaceful, but I’m not sure the hypnosis worked because I could hear everything you said during the trance.”

Other times a client will say, “I feel really relaxed and peaceful, but I’m not sure the hypnosis worked because I don’t remember anything you said during the trance.”

Curious, right? So which client was hypnotized?

Don’t be misled by theses 2 signs. Read on to find out more, and to discover what kinds of things hypnosis can help you with.

What is Hypnosis?

First, what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focus, and quieting or softening, of the analytical or conscious mind. (Does hypnosis work? Yes, and you can read more about how it works here.)

So which client was hypnotized?
Both clients.

When you’re in a state of hypnosis and you hear every word the practitioner says, it means your conscious mind is paying close attention.

Alternately, when you don’t remember anything the practitioner said during the trance, it means your conscious mind drifted off.

Either way is best because with hypnosis I’m not speaking to the conscious mind anyway, I’m speaking to your unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is 95% of the brain, and it’s where your deeply held beliefs, patterns, and behaviors are stored. Hypnosis helps you access this part of the mind to connect to your intuition and make positive changes.

What are some issues hypnosis can help with? Just this past week, I used hypnosis to help clients with confidence, sleep issues, chronic procrastination, anxiety, and public speaking.

Here’s what clients say about their experience with hypnosis:

I know a lot of people out there are skeptical about hypnosis or hypnotherapy. I was one of them too before I met Deborah. (By the way, I did a lot of research before making the final decision to see her.) I’ve had three sessions with Deborah so far. First two sessions, hypnosis helped me feel relaxed and calm emotionally. I could never imagine myself being so relaxed and peaceful, especially in the middle of Manhattan. No way! —Tom P.

A terrific session with Deborah, who’s friendly, powerful, generous.  I am dealing with issues of grief, but also a touch of writer’s block…something I consider part of the process, but I figured hypnosis might push through my hesitancy.  The next day I zoomed through the problematic part of what I was writing and am rolling on!  Unbelievable, except I’ve had incredible results with Deborah before. –Katherine V.

I cannot express how amazing Deborah is and how drastically my life & outlook has changed for the better since my first hypnosis session. Seven months ago, I went to see her while I was in a horrible state of depression as I was re-adjusting back to my hometown of NYC after leaving a draining job but much more comfortable lifestyle in the Middle East, and rekindling a negative past relationship at the same time. Within 45 minutes of my first hypnosis session, I let go of lots of negative feelings from my past & present and felt so much happiness!  –Sarah C.

Many people think hypnosis is an odd thing to do. That it won’t work for them.  I encourage you to try it and have an open mind.  It just might be more amazing in Session 1 than you imagine. My nutritionist recommended Deborah and so far I’ve lost 40 pounds.  I’m very pleased and am down a size.  I’m throwing my old clothes away because I’m convinced the changes are permanent.

I also actually enjoy our sessions a lot.  I go into deep relaxation in a minute or two.  Deborah has given me self-hypnosis exercises I do at home that help me relax, resist eating, and give me peace of mind. Before I tried hypnosis I thought I wouldn’t be a good subject.  But I was wrong and would encourage you to give it a shot, whatever you are trying to achieve. –Jerry S.

I’d never been to a hypnotist before, but had struggled with anxiety disorder for at least a decade. I had tried a lot to improve it — diet, exercise, meditation, lowering stressors in my life — but was unwilling to turn to medication as a full-time answer. A friend had visited Deborah for her anxiety, so I decided it was worth a try.

The session felt very relaxing and enjoyable. Deborah taught me how to continue with self-hypnosis as needed. I felt much more relaxed after my session, and the anxiety symptoms didn’t return until a week later. I did the self-hypnosis and they were gone almost right away. They returned less intensely a few times after that, and each time I did the self-hypnosis. Now it’s been almost a year and those symptoms are (knock on wood) entirely gone. I had no idea it would work so quickly and efficiently!

Deborah said I was teaching my brain to channel anxiety in a different way, and even that visual helped me to re-imagine my experiences of fear and worry. I 100% recommend a session with Deborah, and suggest being completely open and trusting of what she’s saying. I don’t think it would work as well without trust in yourself and in her method. –Peggy K.
Have something you want to change or work through, and you’re not sure if hypnosis can help? Let me know and we can discuss it. I’m here to help! Or go ahead and book a session here.

Hypnosis for Better Sleep

Posted on March 26, 2013

Hypnosis for Better Sleep

As I mentioned a couple months ago, I hear from so many clients dealing with debilitating insomnia, and I’ve been wanting to share about hypnosis for better sleep.

According to the NIH, at least 40 million Americans annually suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders, and an additional 20 million experience occasional insomnia. If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, read below to find out how hypnosis can help.

You are getting sleepier, and sleepier….

Ok, that’s not exactly how it works (though making suggestions to your unconscious mind about how you want to feel is part of the story). But getting to sleep with hypnosis is more about active ways for you to feel more in control of your thoughts and how you feel in your body.

Not only does hypnosis relax you by helping your mind and body shift into parasympathetic mode (vs. sympathetic, fight-or-flight mode), but you’ll learn a valuable sleep hypnosis protocol.

This sleep protocol has interchangeable parts, because everyone is different and has specific issues about getting to sleep. You’ll be able to mix and match and create the perfect protocol customized just for you. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • how to deal with anxiety surrounding the fear of not getting to sleep or being able to stay asleep
  • how to work with the neuroplasticity of the brain, and retrain your brain and body to overcome insomnia and sleep better
  • 5 techniques to help you get to sleep easily (as well as deal with stress throughout the day)
  • a self-hypnosis technique that may just provide you with magical dreams all night long (this is a client favorite!)


Want to really layer it up? Combine hypnosis with Reiki for an extra good night sleep!

Here’s what one client says:
I feel so much better since our last session, it’s amazing how fast you can see results! I didn’t need to take anything to help me sleep last night (that’s a first for as long as I can remember) and the techniques were so helpful and easy to use. I did wake up once to go to the bathroom, but didn’t toss and turn like I usually do, and was able to fall back asleep easily. I actually feel rested and relaxed today, which is quite a miracle. Thank you!–Joanne L.

Ready to sleep? Book a hypnosis session.

Easy Ways to Handle Holiday Stress

Posted on November 21, 2012


As the end of the year approaches, I’m hearing common themes among my clients on how to handle holiday stress, family stress, and work deadlines. There’s also a general feeling that there isn’t enough time to get everything done. Whew! Just reading this list stresses me out. How about you?

If you’ve known me for a while, then you know I like to give you super easy holiday stress tips that don’t take up a lot of your time. I want you to have ways to effectively handle stress that take less than a minute to do throughout your day.

The holidays are a busy time of year, so all the more reason to keep it simple.

How to Handle Holiday Stress: Try This

Show Gratitude:
Think about all the things you’re thankful for. This is one of my favorite things to do when waiting in line, walking down the street, or getting ready to fall asleep at night, and it’s a great way to retrain your brain if you experience negative internal chatter.

So often clients tell me how they try to push that negative self-talk away, or try to turn it off.  These strategies often make that voice louder, so thinking about things you’re grateful for simply gives your mind something else to think about. Over time this will become a habit.

Need additional help? Here’s one of my favorite tools for cultivating gratitude and overcoming negative thought patterns.

Don’t Complain:
At all (not even in your head!) for one day.
See how it feels; you might notice you’re great at this already, or you might be surprised how often you complain without realizing it. (I’m guilty!)

This tip reminds me of a client who really likes thinking about the things she can refrain from doing, rather than focusing on what she thinks she should be doing to make positive changes in her life.

Stop Saying “Should:”

Speaking of “should,” if you want to take things to the next level, avoid saying what you “should” do. This is also a good one to reduce holiday stress, because often we feel a lot of obligations to be, or do, or give a certain way.

The things we say and think hold an energetic frequency, just like our actions, so giving extra attention to our language is important.

Experiment & Be Creative:
I put together several Pinterest boards to give you creative ideas to extend the effects of your sessions. Whether you get a session or not, there are a lot of great ideas for you to choose from:

Extend the effects of your hypnosis session

Extend the effects of your Reiki session

Extend the effects of your reflexology session

From going outside and touching something in nature; saying Gabby Bernstein’s mantra, “I choose to see peace instead of this;” or offering a compliment; experiment with the hundreds of ideas on these various boards and see what works for you to reduce your holiday stress.


I truly hope this helps you alleviate any holiday anxiety or holiday depression (these holiday stress tips work on both!). Let me know what you notice over the days and weeks ahead.

Happy holidays and here’s to a wonderful new year where we can feel more peaceful, calm, and balanced no matter what.

Want additional ways to reduce holiday stress? Here are wellness gifts for everyone on your list.

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