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Online Business Starter Kit


This free Business Starter Kit is the companion to my book, Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business. (I encourage you to read the book if you haven’t already, as this Starter Kit will make much more sense!)

The Business Starter Kit includes real-world templates you can use to manage your clients, build an electronic mailing list, and keep track of income and expenses.

Personalize these templates according to your specific needs:

Resources That I Use That You May Find Helpful:

Want to learn more? Here are some of the tools and resources I use.

Additional support and business and marketing training:

SCORE (Small Business Association)

Online booking for clients:  Acuity Scheduling

Practitioner insurance:  Alternative Balance

Website hosting:  Flywheel

Improve Your Relationship With Money: I highly recommend Sarah McCrum’s book and transformative free and paid courses.

Hypnosis downloads: Uncommon Knowledge offers an extended list of hypnosis downloads for a range of issues. (I love these for confidence building, overcoming mental blocks, etc.)

Practitioners & Teachers Interviewed in
Building A Powerful Practice:

Frans Stiene, Reiki teacher and practitioner
International House of Reiki

Gary Strauss, Polarity teacher and practitioner
Life Energy Institute 

Maria Rodriguez, Astrology coach and spiritual counselor
917. 328.0282, selfhealing1 [at]

Melissa Tiers, Hypnotist & Trainer
Center for Integrative Hypnosis

Joanna Crespo, Reiki teacher and practitioner
Reiki Rhapsody

Pamela Herrick, Thai massage therapist

Sarah & Shawn Carson, Hypnosis and NLP trainers and practitioners
The Intelligent Hypnotist

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I may receive affiliate compensation from some of the resources mentioned on this website. I only promote products and resources I strongly believe in and personally find helpful.

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